Canvas Transition Notes

​​​​​​​​​​​DMACC will be transitioning its Learning Management System (LMS) from Blackboard to Canvas! Next fall (2023), courses will begin using Canvas. Trainings will be posted on our Training Sessions​ page​.​

Instructure Canvas 

Below is a timeline of events.​

​Fall 2023Student access and all courses using Canvas
​​Spring-Summer 2023Migrating courses, faculty access and training - visit our Training Sessions​ page
​February 14, 2023Joe Raineri emailed staff supervisors regarding "New LMS at DMACC - Staff information" (PDF)
​January 19, 2023Online ​Learning released a guide for migrating courses: ​Migration Checklist: Export from Blackboard to Canvas (PDF)
​January 18, 2023Online ​Learning emailed all district chairs regarding "Canvas Migration" (PDF)
​January 12, 2023Deans and Provosts emailed faculty regarding "Canvas training" (PDF)
​January 5, 2023Online ​Learning emailed all faculty regarding "DMACC Canvas - NOW AVAILABLE" (PDF); Faculty were given access to Canvas, i​nstructor and student training courses, and a practice course
​Fall 2022Configuring the system and integrations
​November 22, 2022Online ​Learning emailed all faculty regarding "DMACC Canvas transition update" (PDF)
​November 1, 2022Online ​Learning emailed all faculty regarding "DMACC and Canvas" (PDF)
October 21, 2022​​President Denson announced Canvas transition at In-Service Day
August 22, 2022​​Vice President Isley announced Canvas transition at Faculty Development Day
​May 2022​Online Learning emailed all faculty regarding "DMACC Online Summer Information​" (PDF) and mentioned a possible transition
​March 2021Online Advisory Council (OAC) shared LMS Review Summary​ with Executive Council
Fall 2020​​LMS Review of three products

If you would like to find out more about Canvas and how to use it, please visit the Canvas Community site at