Course Request Forms

​​​​Blackboard Section Merge

  • Multiple sections can be combined into one new course by filling out this form.
  • Section merging has to be completed before any students access the class.
  • After you submit ​the request form, do not do any work in any of the sections until you have received an email with the new course name. Courses should be merged before adding any any course content.
  • If your form does not get submitted, please check belo​w the submit button for any error messages.

​​​​Canvas: Section Merge Request Form (beginning Fall 2023, term code 202401)

  • ​​Course merge requests need to be submitted prior to copying in any content and prior to student enrollments. Merging results in a new, empty course shell. Student data cannot be copied over; after the merge you will not have access to the original sections to copy any material from them.
  • You will receive an email after the merge is complete.