Blackboard Gradebook Expectations

​​​​​​​​NOTE: The Canvas Gradebook Expectations​ have been updated accordingly and will beginning taking effect Fall 2023.

These are DMACC's Blackboard G​radebook Expectations.

  • Three (3) Total columns for current/overall grade, displaying Score (Points), Percentage, and Letter Grade (just Percentage and Letter Grade if you use weighted grades)
  • Make sure the grading schema for Letter Grade matches the scale in your syllabus
  • The appropriate Total column is “Set as External Grade" (has a green checkmark to ​indicate it) so students see it as their current grade in their My Grades area
  • Every graded activity is included (assignment, assessment, participation, etc.)
  • Due dates (they should match the syllabus) – all graded activities have the due date set so students always know when things are due
  • Zeroes are entered as soon as the due date is passed so the current grade is up to date - see Keep Grades Current Guide (PDF)
  • No duplicate or extra columns – they can confuse students and affect the overall points possible in the grade center, so they should be deleted if they're not being used - see Check for Hidden and Duplicate Columns Guide (PDF)
  • No grade columns hidden from students – students should be able to see all graded activities being used for the current/total grade
  • Last date of activity column is created and hidden from students - see Last Date of Activity Column Guide (PDF)
  • If using a publisher site for the gradebook, the data is pushed back to Blackboard​
  • Export and download the final grade center​​

Help Guides

Help guides can be found in Blackboard in the "Online Instructional Resources" course >​ "Course Content" area > "Lesson Folders From Blackboard Training" folder > "Lesson 8: Grade Center" folder. There is general Grade Center information, along with instructions for Total Columns and the Last Date of Activity column.

In any course where you are the instructor, you can expand the "Help" area of the Control Panel and click "Blackboard Help for Instructors." That will take you to Blackboard's help site where you can browse or search for topics.

We also have some Blackboard Grading Tips on our website.

If you have questions or would like additional Blackboard help, please feel free to Contact Us in Distance Learning.