Frequently Asked Questions

  1. ​​When and where can I get my photo taken?
    Please check the website for times and locations.

  2. Will my card come with my refund already on it?
    No. You will choose your refund preference at

  3. What are my refund options?
    You will be able to 1) receive an ACH to an existing bank account(1-3 business days), or 2) set up the optional Vibe Account with BankMobile and use the card as a DEBIT Mastercard(same day).

  4. "I don't get refunds"…Why do I need a card?
    All credit students will receive a card. The card will become your official College ID and provide access to student services such as library resources, campus events, and recreational facilities.

  5. What if I can't make it to a DMACC campus to get my photo taken?
    If a student doesn't get their photo taken they will be issued a card with a "no photo" image, and a photo can be added once they have had a photo taken.

  6. Do I have to receive my refund on the card?
    No. You can opt to have an ACH funds transfer to your own bank (1-3 business days) from BankMobile.

  7. What is the benefit of the card?
    It will provide DMACC credit students with a photo ID, and allow the student to choose refund methods that are much quicker than receiving a paper check.

  8. Is the DMACC OneCard a credit card?
    No. It is a debit card and in order to use the Mastercard function you must set-up the optional Vibe Account with BankMobile and have funds available on the card.

  9. Can I use it at the bookstore?
    Yes. If you elect to set up the Vibe Account with BankMobile, and have funds available on the account.

  10. How will I get money off my card?
    Any Allpoint Network ATM can be used for free. You can go to their website at to see where the closest ATM is to you. There will also be an ATM available for free on each DMACC campus.

  11. Will I be able to add other funds to my activated Vibe Account?
    Yes, you can add funds in a number of ways to your activated Vibe Account. Log in to your account at and click on the menu heading "Add Money". This will display and explain each way you can add money into your account.

  12. Can I use the card off-campus at Hy-Vee, Wal-Mart, Target, etc?
    Yes. If you elect to have the Vibe Account and funds are available you will able to use the card at any location that accepts MasterCard.

  13. What if I am an on-line only student? Do I need a photo taken?
    While we encourage all students to have a photo taken, the card will be issued with a "no photo" feature on it for those students who don't have a photo taken. A photo can be added to the card at a later date. A picture ID may be required for DMACC services from those students without a photo on their ID.

  14. What if I "sit out" for a semester or two, do I need to reactivate or get a new card?
    No. Your card will be active until the expiration date listed on the card.

  15. Will I be able to use this card at the library?
    Yes, the card is designed with a barcode on the back of the card that will be readable by the library's system.

  16. Is there a fee to the student to get an ACH?