Online Digital Forensic Certificate

​​​​​​​​​​​​Twenty-first century detective


NEW this fall at DMACC is the Online Digital Forensics Certificate. This program ​​is targeted for:

  • Working adults who are in law enforcement or corporate security who want to add additional skills to their exsiting duties
  • Students who are enrolled in another AA or AS program, such as Criminal Justice or ITNA and want to have additional marketable skills

Learning Points From This Program

  • Identification of digital evidence at the scene
  • Proper collection and preservation of the digital evidence at the scene
  • Collecting evidence from the Cloud
  • Understanding of how files are stored on common devices
  • Understanding what happens when files are deleted and how to potentially recover them
  • Searching for digital evidence on a drive
  • Common types of the evidentiary artifacts in MS Windows (ie: Recycle Bin, Internet, Pretch)
  • Use of industry standard programs and tools, such as EnCase, Axiom, Cellebrite, and Tableau



NET 120 Computer Hardware Basics - Credits: 3

NET 373 Forensicss Prac Cybersecurity - Credits: 4


CRJ 178 E-Crime Investigative Methods - Credits: 3

NET 179 Digital Forensics I - Credits: 3 (Prerequisite: NET 373​)​


NET 180 Digital Forensics II - Credits: 3 (Prerequisite: NET 179​)

NET 932 Intership​ - Credits: 3 (Prerequisite: NET 932​)​

Need tuition assistance?

This program qualifies for the Iowa Last-​Dollar Scholarship. Last Dollar Scholarship Information  


For more information, contact Doug Elrick at 515-964-6598 or or view the Online Digital Forensics Certificate Fact Sheet​​