DMACC Carroll Campus Computer Languages Program is Attracting Area Students

Posted 5/5/2022

​​​Internship opportunities and scholarships are available for students 

  • The partnership between accenture and the DMACC Carroll Campus is resulting in high-paying jobs for recent graduates.

  • A recent graduate completed a paid internship at Accenture and was just hired as a software engineer at an Atlanta, Georgia, company and is making more than $80,000 per year.

  • ​Carroll Campus Provost Dr. Joel Lundstrom said there are scholarships available for students who are interested in pursuing a Computer Languages Diploma at the DMACC Carroll Campus or at the DMACC Perry VanKirk Career Academy.

A partnership between Accenture and the DMACC Carroll Campus​ is resulting in high paying jobs for recent graduates and a much-needed pool of skilled employees for Accenture.

Devin Baack (above, left) grew up in Carroll, graduated from Carroll High School in 2019 and attended Iowa State University studying Computer Science.  Then he learned about the new Accenture/DMACC integrated pathway leading toward a Computer Languages Diploma.  Baack transferred to DMACC in May of 2020 where he earned his diploma and later a Computer Information Systems Associate of Applied Science degree.

He just completed working full-time at Accenture as a Software Developer intern.

“The Computer Languages program offered at DMACC is a well-structured, resourceful program that's beginner-friendly and guides you through basic computer science concepts all the way to advanced topics in multiple programming languages," said Baack, who took all of his classes online. “In the Computer Languages program, you learned the basics of programming logic, database structure, the syntax of multiple programming languages, and many more advanced topics that combine all three, equipping you with the skills to develop full-fledged, robust applications and software."

DMACC Carroll Campus Provost Dr. Joel Lundstrom said Accenture has been a great partner.  He said the Carroll Campus students complete 36-credit hours to earn a diploma, and with a four-month paid internship experience with Accenture, are on a track to great jobs and apprenticeship positions making very good money.

"Accenture has been very responsive and supportive and have shown their appreciation for the talent and character our students bring to their respective positions," Lundstrom said.

Baack, who now lives in Ames, said he started working as a Software Developer Intern at Accenture in the fall semester of 2021.

“I use the knowledge and experience that I gained from my time at DMACC every day at my job," Baack said.

He said his internship with Accenture ended in early April.  He then received a full-time offer as a Software Engineer at Itential based out of Atlanta, Georgia.  He said he is now making more than $80,000 per year and is also able to work remotely out of his Ames apartment. 

“My DMACC program did a great job of providing in-depth exposure to several different programming languages and technologies that are relevant to various pathways in CS (Computer Science)," Baack said. “All companies need developers and software engineers, whether it's for data analysis, web development, database management or backend development." 

Colby Boell (above, right) is a non-traditional student living in Carroll and was a part-time DMACC Carroll Campus student majoring in Computer Information Systems. He said the program focuses on teaching software development.  

“It allows you to learn multiple computer languages, the use of multiple development environments, different techniques and methodologies, the use of databases, and so much more," Boell said. “Since enrolling in these classes, I have been able to explore multiple options within programming. I hope to keep acquiring more knowledge and sharpen my skills as I progress. Being in the program has also given me the opportunity to intern with Accenture." 

DMACC Computer Science Chair Dr. Michelle Ruse said that DMACC students are exposed to a variety of languages in this program including Java, C#, Python, HTML/CSS, JavaScript and SQL.  Dr. Ruse taught both students personally.

“Devin and Colby are excellent representations of the program and I am not surprised in the least by their early career successes," Dr. Ruse said.  “Our graduates are in high-demand and are presented with great options after graduation."

Provost Lundstrom said efforts have been made in recent years to bridge the rural-urban divide by creating technology centers and offering more high-technology-based courses in the Midwest similar to that offered in the Silicon Valley of California.

He said there are scholarships available for students interested in pursuing a computer languages diploma at the DMACC Carroll Campus or DMACC Perry Van Kirk Career Academy.​​

For more information, contact: Dr. Joel Lundstrom, (712) 792-8308,

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