Ten New DMACC Programs Have Been Approved by the State

Posted 9/2/2021

Eight new transfer majors and two new certificate programs have been approved by the IDOE​

  • DMACC Students Are Now Able to Enroll in the New Majors

  • This announcement brings the total number of transfer majors at DMACC to 19.

  • The Transfer Majors are Awards that have Articulations with Four-Year Institutions to accept the DMACC Award as the First Two-Years of a Four-Year Bachelor’s Degree.

Eight new DMACC Transfer majors, an Acting certificate and a Surgical Technology AAS degree have been approved by the Iowa Department of Education (IDOE). Students are now able to enroll in these new areas.

The new programs include in alphabetic order:

  • Acting Certificate
  • Communication Transfer Major
  • Engineering Transfer Major
  • English Transfer Major
  • Exercise Science and Kinesiology Transfer Major
  • History Transfer Major
  • Human and Family Services Transfer Major
  • Journalism Transfer Major
  • Political Science Transfer Major
  • Surgical Technology AAS

DMACC Curriculum Commission Chair Dr. Rebecca DeHart said the newly approved programs will be beneficial to DMACC students.

“These Iowa Department of Education approved programs will create new pathways and opportunities for DMACC students to pursue their interests,” DeHart said. “This will also allow DMACC students to complete the first two years of their major while at DMACC and then easily transfer to a college or university to obtain a four-year Bachelor’s degree.”

DeHart said each transfer major has a unique articulation with specific institutions. The participating institutions will be listed in the DMACC catalog.

“The creation of these additional transfer majors demonstrates our commitment to providing our students with a quality education that also align and transitions well to their selected programs of study at our partner four-year institutions,” said MD Isley, DMACC Vice President of Academic Affairs.

Isley said there are considerable advantages to starting at DMACC and then transferring to a four-year college or university.

“DMACC offers free tutoring, smaller class sizes, easy access to professors as well as other academic advantages and resources that allow DMACC graduates to be more successful and have a more fulfilling experience at the university level,” said Isley. “We can give them an outstanding academic foundation to excel both in and out of the classroom. In addition, DMACC’s tuition and fees are the lowest of any college or university in Iowa. That makes a big difference in the overall cost of a higher education.”

This announcement brings the overall total of transfer majors at DMACC to 19. For more information about these transfer majors go to: Transfer Majors - Des Moines Area Community College - Acalog ACMS™ (dmacc.edu).

For more information, contact: Dr. Rebecca DeHart, rldehart@dmacc.edu​

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