DMACC Statement Regarding Impact of Current Global Events & Available Resources

Posted 8/24/2021

A message from DMACC President Rob Denson​:

Our college community is deeply concerned by the events that are unfolding in Afghanistan, and we want to reach out to our students, staff, faculty and our community to express our support and solidarity. We know that many members of the DMACC community are directly impacted by the violence, political instability and violation of human rights that are currently happening in Afghanistan. Our thoughts are with our students of Afghan descent, their families and friends in both the United States and Afghanistan, and our veterans who have served tours of duty in Afghanistan. 

We are also deeply concerned about the series of disasters that the nation of Haiti has experienced over the last couple of weeks and want to express our support for students, staff, faculty and community members who have been directly impacted by the devastation that has occurred in the wake of the recent earthquake and tropical storm. 

We have provided some resources below about supporting those who are impacted. DMACC ​Counseling staff are available to students, and our DMACC Employee Assistance Program is available for faculty and staff who need assistance. We also call on all members of the DMACC community to provide compassion and flexibility to all those impacted by the trauma of these tragedies.

Available Resources:

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