DMACC Boone Campus Hires a Full-Time Campus Health Specialist/Nurse

Posted 8/2/2021

Lori Zahnd to Serve DMACC Campus Students, Faculty and Staff

  • Zahnd will Provide Wide-Ranging Wellness Services for the Boone Campus and Community.

  • “The DMACC Campus Health Services are not Meant to Replace a Medical Doctor but Rather be a Resource for Self-Care, Medical Tips and Advice,” said DMACC Boone Campus Associate Provost Dr. Rachel Erkkila.

  • Zahnd Comes to DMACC with 20-Years of Experience in the Nursing Profession.

  • Zahnd will Collaborate with DMACC Ankeny Campus Health, Local Medical and Public Health Agencies and Boone Campus Programs.

The DMACC Boone Campus has hired a full-time Campus Health Specialist/Nurse. Lori Zahnd of Boone comes to DMACC after spending 20 years in the nursing profession. She spent 18 years at Mary Greeley Medical Center in Ames where she had a variety of nursing experience, including in Mental Health, Med/Surgical Oncology and Intensive Care. For the last two years, Zahnd has worked for Boone County Hospital as a Public Health/Home Health nurse.

“I’m looking forward to this new challenge and being a part of the DMACC family,” Zahnd said.

DMACC Boone Campus Associate Provost Dr. Rachel Erkkila said Zahnd will collaborate with the student services staff and faculty to promote wellness on campus.

“The DMACC Campus Health Services are not meant to replace a medical doctor but rather be a resource for self-care, medical tips and advice,” Dr. Erkkila said. “It can be challenging for students, faculty and staff to know when and how to seek additional treatment. Lori will be that bridge.”

Dr. Erkkila said Zahnd will work through health decisions and make plans for physical and mental health needs.

“To accomplish this, Lori will collaborate with Ankeny Campus Health, local medical and public health agencies and Boone Campus programs,” Dr. Erkkila said. “She brings a wide-range of experience and connections to local health care and public health care agencies. These connections and Lori’s passion for this kind of nursing will be a great asset at the DMACC Boone Campus.”

All DMACC athletic programs are located on the Boone Campus. Dr. Erkkila said the campus nurse will work closely with the athletic department, coaches, staff and athletic trainers.

“Not only can she provide basic first aid, but she can provide necessary consultation on medical treatment and act as a resource for staff navigating health systems and processes,” Dr. Erkkila said.

Zahnd and her husband, Rob, have two children—Kennedy (16) and Danny (12). Her husband just returned from an 11-month deployment in Kosovo and will return to his full-time job as a Fire Medic for the Urbandale Fire Department.

For more information, contact: Dr. Rachel Erkkila,​

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