Dr. Jeanie McCarville Kerber Named Academic Dean of Business & Information Technology

Posted 4/21/2021
Dr. Jeanie McCarville Kerber

​She Held the Position on an Interim Basis Since January 2020

  • Dr. McCarville Kerber started as a Human Services Professor at DMACC in 2007.
  • She has chaired the DMACC Diversity Commission and Academic Standards Commission.
  • Dr. McCarville Kerber continues to serve as Coordinator of DMACC’s Guided Pathways and as Faculty Representatives on the DMACC Foundation Board.

Dr. Jeanie McCarville Kerber has been named the new Academic Dean of Business and Information Technology at DMACC.

Dr. McCarville Kerber, who lives in Johnston, has served in the position on an interim basis since January 2020.

She started at DMACC in 2007 as a Human Services Professor and Faculty Group Leader.

Throughout her tenure at DMACC, Dr. McCarville Kerber has served on numerous commissions and boards, including serving on the DMACC Diversity Commission from 2007 to 2013; the Academic Standards Commission from 2014 to present; Coordinator of DMACC’s Guided Pathways from 2017 to present; and the faculty representative on the DMACC Foundation Board from 2019 to present.  In addition, she served as Chair of the Diversity Commission and Academic Standards Commission.

DMACC Vice President of Academic Affairs, MD Isley said Dr. McCarville Kerber has positively affected many students as her of Professor of Human Services and Faculty Group Leader.

“She has also made a significant impact throughout the College leading the Diversity Commission, co-organizing the National Crime Victims’ Rights Week, championing DMACC’s Guided Pathways efforts and chairing the Academic Standards Commission,” said Isley. “We look forward to having Jeanie lead the Department with the same positivity and attitude we have been made accustomed to.”

In addition to her previously mentioned accolades, McCarville Kerber received the:

  • Iowa Academy of Education Outstanding Dissertation Award Nominee in 2017
  • DMACC Diversity Commission Tapestry Award Recipient in 2014
  • Tressa Youngbear Award from the Iowa Behavioral Health Association in 2014
  • Jim Craft Award for the Outstanding Graduate Thesis from the University of Iowa in 2000.

She is also active in her community where she is a member of the Iowa Physicians Health Group Board, a Polk County Early Childhood Board member, Johnston Community School Board member, Iowa Department of Public Health Strategic Planning member and Iowa Board of Certification Advisory Board member.

“It is a privilege and honor to continue to serve DMACC and its students,” Dr. McCarville Kerber said.  “Amazing things happen at a community college and I am grateful to be a part of it.”

Dr. McCarville Kerber earned a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Drake University, a Master of Social Work from the University of Iowa, a Master of Public Administration from Drake University and a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership from Iowa State University.

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