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DMACC Waives All Online/Web-Blended Technology Fees for the Summer Term

Posted 5/6/2020

​Technology Fees are Waived for Summer Beginning May 26

  • DMACC summer term students will not be paying online or web-blended technology fees thanks to a decision by Iowa's largest two-year community college.

  • The exact number of students impacted by the decision is not known because students can still sign up for summer classes.

  • President Rob Denson said DMACC wants to keep educational costs down for students.

DMACC is waiving all online and web-blended technology fees for students taking summer term classes. The online fees being waived for summer are $30 per credit hour, and the web-blended fees are $20 per credit hour.

“These fees are charged to defray the costs associated with the technology needed to offer courses in an online format," said Shelli Allen, DMACC Vice President of Enrollment Services and Student Success.

Allen said the fees are being removed in an automated process through the College's business office. She said students who have already paid for their summer courses will be refunded any fee paid for online and web-blended courses. She also said if the removal of fees causes a credit balance due to the student, DMACC will process a refund through the College's normal refunding process.

Allen said the exact number of students who will have the technology fees waived is not known yet.

“We are making adjustments in our academic schedule due to these unforeseen circumstances and DMACC wants to do everything we can to keep educational costs down for our students," said DMACC President Rob Denson.

DMACC's summer term starts on May 26. To learn more and register, visit

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