DMACC Announces Changes to Course Delivery for Spring and Summer

Posted 4/22/2020

​Hand-on & Lab-Based Classes Will Not Return to Campus this Semester

No In-Person Summer Classes Prior to July 1

DMACC President Rob Denson said today that the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact DMACC face-to-face instruction, announcing that DMACC hands-on and lab-based classes will not return to campus this spring. Summer classes, which begin May 26, have also been impacted. All classes prior to July 1 will be offered in an online format.

​These announcements apply to all DMACC campuses and centers.

Denson said DMACC is prioritizing the health and safety of students, faculty and staff members in response to the latest data from the Iowa Department of Public Health, which indicates that social distancing measures will likely continue for some time.

“We appreciate your continued understanding and recognition that we are all operating in unchartered territory," Denson said in an email communication to students. “We will continue to respond based on the best and latest information available."

New course delivery updates from DMACC are as follows:

Spring 2020:

  • Hands-on and lab-based classes will not return to campus this semester. Students should continue to follow the lead of their instructors and check their DMACC email for guidance on the plans to complete spring coursework.
  • Face-to-face classes that have already converted to online delivery will continue online for remainder of spring semester 2020. 
  • DMACC student services will remain available remotely. 
  • FREE shipping is available for textbook rental returns (info here)

Summer 2020:

  • Registration for summer 2020 classes is open now at Summer classes begin on May 26.
  • There will be no in-person summer classes prior to July 1.
  • Summer classes beginning before July 1 will be available as Online, Web-Blended (Virtual & Online), and Real-time Virtual. Learn more about these class types watch this video.
  • If students have already registered for a summer class, they should check their DMACC email regularly for potential changes to the course schedule.
  • Beginning July 1, Face-to-Face and Web-Blended (Face-to-Face and Online) classes may also be available.
  • DMACC will continue to monitor conditions and make any necessary changes in the course schedule prior to June 15. If the face-to-face classes scheduled to begin on July 1 are unable to be held face-to-face, and cannot be moved to an online or virtual format, students will be notified in advance and refunded for any paid tuition costs.

“To all of our students, thank you for your flexibility and for your drive to continue your academic career at DMACC," Denson said. “We are proud of your hard work, and look forward to helping you reach your career goals."​​

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