​​​​Bostwick, Stacey (Ankeny, West) - Percussion Lessons

Davis, Scott (Ankeny) - Jazz History, Music Appreciation,​ and Instrumental Jazz Ensemble

Estes, Dr. Simon (Ankeny) - Visiting Professor

Hoifeldt, Steve (Boone) - Voice lessons, Choral Ensembles, and Music Appreciation

Lin, Cindy (Boone)

Kellis, Malgozata (Ankeny) – Piano and vocal lessons and ​Instructor of Music

Miranda, Chuck (Ankeny) - Violin/Viola Lessons and Music Appreciation

Odem, Sue (Ankeny) - Woodwind Lessons, Music Theory and Music Appreciation

Powell, Aaron (Ankeny) - Guitar Lessons and Choral Ensembles

Thompson, James (Ankeny) -  Music Program Chair and Internet Music Appreciation


​ ​