Veronica White - Nursing

“When I took the ALEKS assessment I scored at like 18%. I had been out of school a long time I hadn't used a lot of that math. But through the modules in ALEKS, it was really helpful. Last time I scored 38% and that was just on the reassessment. I have until May and I have been doing it while I take my stats class and I feel like it has helped me a lot. Not only in remembering things I forgotten, but remembering how to use them. I would recommend it.  It's been absolutely fabulous for me. I don't feel like I would have done as well in my first math class without ALEKS. It's also helped as I'm going through stats and learning to work with formulas.

I was nervous (when she took it first) but I felt like I knew I wasn't going to score that great. There was so much I had forgotten from high school and basic Algebra isn't used a lot when I was figuring the profit-and-loss statements (in her former job). I knew I wasn't going to score well, but I was excited at the opportunity to be able to go back and work with it on how to improve my score and improve my understanding.

Once you're in the ALEKS site you don't have to click this link, ok, click this link, it's all right there and that's fabulous.”

I graduated from high school in 1989 and graduated from nursing school in 1996 and started I started DMACC in August of 2014.

Leona Hankins

I hadn't taken a math course since high school, and after taking the Compass test and seeing my math score, I was worried. I used math all the time in my nursing career, but really did not like math.

I was really apprehensive when I first started doing the ALEKS. My first score was only 12%. The learning modules were a godsend. I found them so easy to use and they offered the help and explanation I needed to get me back up to date. I spent the needed hours, plus some in between times, so I could take the tests. Each time I took the tests, I improved. I really began to like math again, which I never thought I would. The modules were easy to understand and I would practice each area until I felt very comfortable, which is something I liked about the process. I could move on when I felt comfortable with it.

My goal was to just get my  percent score up to 36 percent, which was what I needed to get the one math class I needed for my degree. I exceeded that goal with a 55%, which I know was because of my hard work spent in the learning/practice modules. It would not have been possible without easy-to-use of the modules.

By the time I took the test the last time, I was pleasantly surprised with the whole process. It goes to show you are never too old to learn or catch back up to where you were 25 years ago.