Meet the Faculty: Britta Solan

Britta SolanBritta Solan is the Sociology Instructor and Group Leader on the Urban Campus. She was born, raised and educated in Sweden. Her phone number is 515-697-7772 and her email is

She has taught in Learning Communities for 4 semesters and enjoys seeing her students in those Learning Communities getting a deeper understanding of the class content, making connections between different disciplines, and getting to know each other and their instructors in enriching and meaningful ways.

She earned a B.S. from Iowa State University and an M.S. in Sociology from ISU and a Creative Drama Instructor certification from Västerås, Sweden.

Britta has been an adjunct instructor at the Ankeny and West Campuses. She has also done linguistic communication research and been a Swedish and English teacher in Västerås, Sweden and Johnston, Iowa, as well as a creative drama teacher for children at risk in Västerås.

She is married to Pete and has two daughters, Katherine and Lisa, and two sons, Erik and Jeremy.

Britta enjoys swimming, hiking, bicycling, pottery, sculpturing, reading, documentaries, traveling, family, friends and good food.