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Summer 2023

Youth Tech Inc. in cooperation with Des Moines Area Community College West Campus’s Celebrate! Innovation program is an interactive computer camp that focuses on providing enrichment opportunities to students in the world of computers. With a caring environment at the core of camp values, Youth Tech strives to create a positive learning community that encourages creativity, fun and academic excellence. For more information about Youth Tech Inc. please visit our web site at www.youthtechinc.com 

Video Game Design Ages 10-17
This course provides students with a fun interactive look at the world of video game design and development. Students enrolled in this camp will learn the basics of video game design and produce several different interactive video games to share with their friends and family.
June 12-15 1:00-4:00 DMACC RM210E $175.00
July 17-20    9:00-12:00 DMACC RM210E $175.00** 5 Spots

iMobile Game Design-NEW Ages 6-12
Sketch, build, play. This class offers students with a big imagination a place to sketch and build their own video games on a mobile device. If you have a student that loves to play games on an iPad® this course helps them engineer and build games on a mobile platform. This innovative course engages both sides of brain to create fun engaging games for a mobile platform. Tablets will be provided for this class. Limit 8 per class 
July 5-7 9:30-12:00 DMACC RM210E $130.00

Young Engineers –NEW Ages 6-12
Technology and innovation collide to create this course. This interactive class looks to unlock the imagination of young engineers. Ever thought of creating piano out of bananas or a video game controller out of a piece of paper? Why not? This course will utilize an invention kit for the 21st century and guide students the process of building several fun, interactive creations. Limit 8 per class
July 5-7 1:00-3:30 DMACC RM210E $130.00

Robotics-Battle Bots Ages 9-15
This course offers hands-on opportunities to build and program robots. Working in small teams, students will design robotics systems to compete in fun real-world activities. Each day will bring a new challenge, and your team's robot will have to morph to better adapt and compete. Students will compete in the battle bots competition at the end of the camp to prove their robot is the best. This class is perfect for the student who has a big imagination and likes to build things. This class has a limit of 9 students.
June 12-15 9:00-12:00 DMACC RM210E $160.00
July 24-27 1:00-4:00 DMACC RM210E $160.00

3D Game Design Ages 10-17
This class offers and interactive look at the world of 3D Game Design. This awesome 3D video game design course offers the chance for students to create and immerse themselves in a 3D world. If you are looking to design professional 3D games that both look and feel just like the ones you play at home, then you don't want to miss this course.
July 17-20 1:00-4:00 DMACC RM210E $165.00** 5 Spots

The Gaming Academy Ages 10-17
The gaming academy is an all day course for students who love games. During this course students will be immersed into the world of 2D and 3D game design. The gaming academy is a combination of our Video Game Design, Advanced Game Design and 3D Game Design courses. The course offers students a variety of hands on experience designing and building their very own games. Students are encouraged to bring a sack lunch. 
July 17-20    9:00-4:00 DMACC RM210E $305.00 ** 10 Spots

iGame Creator -NEW Ages 6-10
Want to create video games? This is an introductory course for younger students who want learn to build simple video games.  This course combines the art of video game design and animation to create interactive characters that fly around the screen. Amaze your friends and family with your fun interactive games.    
June 19-22 9:30-12:00 DMACC RM210E $135.00

Movie Makers-NEW Ages 9-15
This hands-on, interactive course will instruct students on the world of digital video design and production. Students will film, direct and edit their own digital video creations. Students enrolled in this course amaze their peers with green screen and special effects work.
July 10-13 9:00-12:00 DMACC RM210E $155.00

Animation Ages 9-17
In this class students will learn the basics of animation and digital design. Students who enjoy going to various sites to see fun interactive animations will love this course. This class will utilizes award winning animation software to develop fun, interactive animations that they can share with the world.
June 26-29 1:00-4:00 DMACC RM210E $160.00

Graphic Design-NEW Ages 9-17
This session will cover the basics of digital photography as well as key concepts in the world of digital imaging. Students enrolled in this course will take photos, and learn how to manipulate images using powerful image editing software to create the image that they envision.
July 10-13 1:00-4:00 DMACC RM210E $155.00

Roblox Studio-Programming and Game Development-NEW Ages 9-15
Calling all ROBLOX users! Join in with millions of gamers and immerse yourself in your own 3D world! ROBLOX Studio is a 3D-based program that uses physics, LUA programming, and individual creativity to build a world around you, and your avatar - unlike any other software This course will guide students through concepts such as beginner physics, LUA programming, and game development. Students in this course will build and published their multi-player game to share with friends and family!
June 19-22 1:00-4:00 DMACC RM210E $165.00
July 24-27 9:00-12:00 DMACC RM210E $165.00

Code Studio-NEW Ages 6-12
This course offers younger students a fun, interactive look at coding. Students will create virtual apps and write their own programs that they can share with friends and family. This course makes learning to code fun and explores problem solving and programming logic.
June 26-29 9:30-12:00 DMACC RM210E $135.00

Web and App Design-NEW Ages 9-17
This class offers students a hands-on look at the world of app and web design. This interactive course will instruct students about the world of design and development of websites and applications. Students will design their own website and app that they can share with their friends and family. 
July 31-Aug. 3 1:00-4:00 DMACC RM210E $155.00
Gamers Paradise-NEW Ages 6-13
This class offers student a look at multiple areas of game design. From mobile game development to stand alone games if you have a gamer you will not want to miss this class. Students will create multiple games that they can share with friends and family. 
July 31-Aug. 3 9:30-12:00 DMACC RM210E $135.00


AGE-Our age suggestion is ages 10-17 on most classes. Commonly we accept students who may be younger. Ultimately, we leave the final the parents as to what you think your student is capable of doing. Our courses are open to any student with a passion for learning.
Max 14