Welcome to the IOSS Reader's Corner!

    ​This issue includes a message from IOSS President Molly Struve, summaries of NOSS 2021 and 5th National Mathematics Summit presentations, information on the student scholarship application and outstanding service to students award, and previews of upcoming IOSS and NOSS conferences.​
     February 2022 Reader's Corner
    This issue includes a message from Molly Struve, our 2021-2022 IOSS President, summaries of fall conference presentations on mindfulness​, and information on our student scholarship application and outstanding service to students award.
    August 2021 Reader's Corner
    This issue previews the IOSS Fall 2021 Virtual Conference and presents summaries of NOSS 2021 Virtual Conference presentations as well as a summary of the Iowa Statewide Summit on the Mathematics Transition from High School through College.
    This issue shares information ​about the Skills​USA Career Essentials curriculum,  previews the NOSS 2021 Virtual Conference, presents summaries of conference presentations on coping with pandemic stress, and provides information about the new IOSS Outstanding Service Award and the IOSS Student Scholarship. Meet new board members, as well as veteran board members in new leadership positions.
    December2020 Reader's Corner
​    This issue begins with a message from Justin Roberston, recaps the 2020 virtual fall conference, introduces new IOSS Executive Board members, and provides information about our ongoing America Reads book donations and the 2021 Student Scholarship.
    This issue previews the 2020 virtual fall conference, Success Going Viral, and celebrates this year's student scholarship and IOSS logo winners.
    March 2020 Reader's Corner
​    In this issue, meet President-Elect Justin Robertson, share Amanda Rodenborn's reflections on the intersection of    developmental education and instructional design, and review highlights of the 2019 IDEA Conference and the 2020  NOSS Conference. 
    April 2019 Reader's Corner
    This issue provides information about the upcoming Fall 2019 Conference and the 2019 Student Scholarship application process, as well as presenting summaries of NADE 2019 sessions.
    December 2018 Reader's Corner
    This issue marks the annual transition in leadership on the IDEA Executive Board, reviews highlights of the 2018 Fall Conference, and celebrates the winner of the 2018 IDEA Student Scholarship.
    February 2018 Reader's Corner
      In this issue, meet our 2017-2018 President, Jennifer Doke-Kerns; read her description of the new statewide Developmental Education Work Group initiative; and review summaries of presentations from the IDEA Fall 2017 conference.
    August 2017 Reader's Corner
    In this issue, meet the 2016-2017 Executive Board members.  Enjoy the highlights of the 2016 conference and preview  the Fall 2017 conference.
    July 2016 Reader's Corner
    In this issue, meet our 2015-2016 President-Elect, Dan Nelson,
    and find highlights of recent NADE and CRLA conferences.
   June 2016 Reader's Corner
   In this issue, meet our 2015-2016 IDEA President, Ruth Kunkle,
   and enjoy a recap of our Fall 2015 conference.
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