Urban/Des Moines Events

March 9 - April 8, 2011
(Exhibition displayed in the glass case outside the library of Bldg. 1)

Young Adult Identity and Consumption in Urban China

by Professor of Sociology, Darcie Vandergrift, Drake University.

The exhibit, entitled "Young Adult Identity and Consumption in Urban China," provides an opportunity to learn about Chinese young adults as consumers and how they impact the global economy. Dr. Darcie Vandergrift of Drake University created the exhibit with her Drake student co-curator Rachel Crown as well as a summer- and-fall student teams. Dr. Vandergrift is associate professor of sociology and interim director of Drake's Center for Global Citizenship. This event is jointly sponsored by DMACC China Year Committee and DMACC Diversity Commission.

Tuesday, April 12 (11:30-12:30 p.m., Rm. 124)

Three Georges Dam: Its Past, Its Present, and Its Future

by Dr. Will Zhang of DMACC

In a PowerPoint presentation with statistics, pictures, and clips of videos of a movies, the speaker explores the history of the contemporary China on the birth and path of the idea of building the dam, the arguments surrounding and the process of the gigantic construction, its political, economic, financial, military impacts on China, hypotheses of its construction on the environment, and its future prospect. He has been teaching the course of orientation to Chinese culture at DMACC since 2005.