Payroll Processing

All employees (except most adjuncts) are required to use the Web Time Entry system to submit their time worked according to the dates on the Payroll Calendar. The employee deadline is the 11:00 am on Tuesday following the end of the payroll time period. The final approver must approve the payroll by 4:00 pm on Friday of that same week.

Supervisor Responsibility:

  • Ensure employee is trained in web time entry
  • Verify accuracy of hours submitted by employee*
  • Ensure leaves are entered appropriately
  • Ensure that comments are entered for unusual pay instances
  • Ensure corrections with comments are made and done in timely manner
  • Submit time/leave for employee, if needed
  • Have proxy set up
  • Ensure that hourly employees do not exceed authorized hours
  • Follow-up with employees about errors and failure to submit timesheet by deadline

*If possible, employees should make all corrections to their timesheet; otherwise the Supervisor or Timekeeper may make the appropriate corrections and should document the actions taken in the Comments section of the timesheet.

Timekeeper Responsibility:

  • If Timekeeper is first approver, then follow Supervisor Responsibility above
  • Question unusual entries or comments
  • Monitor the number of hours worked for hourly employees
  • Monitor leave usage as per College procedures

Budget Manager Responsibility:

  • Ensure that department is adhering to payroll procedures
  • Establish departmental deadlines for approving timesheets
  • Ensure payroll is submitted in a timely manner
  • Follow-up on payroll compliance issues with Timekeepers and Supervisors

Payroll Department Responsibility:

Report to Timekeeper and Budget Manager on compliance issues:

  • Errors found
  • Late submissions or approvals
  • Employee worked hours exceed authorized hours

The Timesheet Listing must be submitted for every payroll. The Department Head's signature authorizes the payment of all employees in the department. Paper timesheets for past pay periods should be recorded on the Timesheet Listing.

The Timesheet Listing provides the following information:

  • Department Number
  • Payroll Due Date
  • Employee Name and ID Number
  • Position
  • FOAPAL and Account to be Charged
  • Number of Hours Authorized
  • Number of Hours Work as of a Specific Date*
  • Rate of Pay, if Hourly
  • Signature Line for Department Manager

*By using the information on the Timesheet Listing, the Timekeeper can double check the number of hours worked as of a specific date with what the Payroll Department has paid. Any discrepancies in figures should be addressed with the Payroll Department so that corrections can be made as soon as possible.


The following Human Resources procedures outline the information summarized in this section:


  • Overtime will be computed when an hourly or salaried non-exempt employee works more than 40 hours in a week (Sunday to Saturday).
  • Holidays, vacations and paid leaves of absences, except sick leave and personal business leave, will be included in computing hours toward overtime. Employees will receive their regular rate of pay on an hour for hour basis for extra hours worked in the week where sick leave or personal business leave were taken.
  • Overtime will be calculated at one-and-one-half (1 ½) times the employee's rate of pay.
  • A full-time employee with benefits will automatically receive overtime pay for hours worked on days outside their regular schedule, regardless of the number of hours worked during the week or type of leave taken. Example: An employee who works Monday to Friday will receive overtime if work is performed on Saturday or Sunday. If the employee is gone all week on sick leave, they will still receive overtime pay if they worked on Saturday or Sunday.
  • Overtime will also be paid for emergency situations even if sick and personal business leave were taken in the same week.
  • When an employee is paid more than one (1) rate of pay (i.e. pager, night shift differential, temporary assignment pay, etc.), then the overtime rate will be based on a weighted average calculation.

Night Shift Differential

A Night Shift Differential amount will be paid for work performed between 4:00 pm and 7:00 am as follows:
The employee must be working in a Regular assignment or be given a Temporary Assignment in an eligible job for three or more consecutive days to qualify.

  • An employee must work at least 50% of his/her weekly hours between 4:00 pm and 7:00 am.
  • This night shift differential shall be paid regardless of salary schedule placement
  • The rate for night shift differential shall be $0.60/hour.


  • Must be a requirement of the job, not just a convenience.
  • The requirement needs to be written in the employee's job description.
  • Employee must be within a geographic distance of less than 30 minutes response time.

College Closing

  • Regular staff and adjunct instructors are to be compensated for College closings per their established work schedules.
  • Temporary and student employees are only paid for hours worked.
  • Employees are not required to use leave.
  • If the College is not closed and the employee does not come to work due to inclement weather, the employee must use applicable leave to cover the time missed.
  • If the College closes and an employee does not go home, but remains at work, the time worked will be paid at the employee's regular rate of pay. If the employee exceeds 40 hours in the work week, and did not take sick or personal business leave, then any extra hours worked over 40 would be paid at the overtime rate.