Human Resources Procedures


Note: These procedures are available for DMACC Faculty and Staff. If you access these forms from home, you will be asked to enter your DMACC username and password.


HR 3000 Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action
HR 3005 Harassment
HR 3006 Consensual Relationships
HR 3010 Discrimination Complaint Procedure
HR 3015 Reasonable Accommodations - Disability
HR 3020 Reasonable Accommodations - Religion


HR 3100 Employment Relationship
HR 3105 Employment Type
HR 3110 Regular Employment - Full-time and Part-time
HR 3112 Adjunct, Temporary and Student Employment Restrictions
HR 3115 Authorization to Hire
HR 3120 Recruitment
HR 3125 Hiring Process for Adjunct, Temporary and Student Employees
HR 3130 Hiring Process for Regular Employees
HR 3132 Criminal History Record Investigation
HR 3135 Employment of Relatives
HR 3140 Employment Eligibility Verification
HR 3145 Job Change - Non-Faculty
HR 3146​ Faculty Transfer​
HR 3150 Personnel Action Approvals


HR 3200 New Employee Orientation
HR 3205 New Adjunct Instructor Orientation
HR 3207 Quality Faculty Plan
HR 3210 Continuing Contracts and Employment Agreements
HR 3215 Probationary Period
HR 3220 Personnel Files
HR 3222 Retention of Records
HR 3225 Performance Evaluation
HR 3230 Performance Guidelines for Adjunct Instructors Teaching Credit Courses
HR 3235 Discipline and Discharge
HR 3240 Complaint Procedure
HR 3300 Medical Examinations
HR 3305 Motor Vehicle Record Checks
HR 3310 Drug and Alcohol Testing for Drivers
HR 3320 Employee Conduct, Appearance and Attendance
HR 3321 Notification of Arrest, Criminal Charges or Child Abuse Complaints
HR 3322 Use of Tobacco on DMACC Property
HR 3323 Minor Children of Employees on Campus
HR 3325 Secondary Employment
HR 3330 Political Activity
HR 3335 Personal Use of College Property by Employees
HR 3340 Violence in the Work Place
HR 3341 Weapons on College Property and in Programs/Activities​
HR 3342 Child Abuse Reporting
HR 3345 Academic Titles
HR 3360 Commercial Solicitation of Employees


HR 3400 Pay Structure
HR 3405 Job Descriptions
HR 3410 Job Evaluation
HR 3420 Rest and Lunch Breaks
HR 3421 Break Time to Express Breast Milk
HR 3430 Pay for Adjunct, Temporary and Student Employment
HR 3435 Pay for Regular Non-F​aculty Employment
HR 3440 Pay for Faculty Employment
HR 3445 Overtime for Nonexempt Regular Employees
HR 3450 Pay for Exempt, Regular Non-faculty Employees
HR 3455 Overload for Exempt Regular Faculty Employees
HR 3500 Payroll Schedule
HR 3505 Pay Method
HR 3510 Replacement of Lost or Destroyed Payroll Checks
HR 3515 Correction of a Pay Error
HR 3520 Time Reporting
HR 3525 Payroll Deductions
HR 3530 Retirement Contributions
HR 3535 Administration of Combined Charitable Campaign


HR 3600 Group Insurance Program
HR 3601 Health Insurance Portable and Accountability
HR 3602 Domestic Partners
HR 3605 Worker's Compensation
HR 3610 Long Term and Short Term Disability Insurance
HR 3615 Tuition Waiver
HR 3620 Transportation Benefit
HR 3625 Dependent Child Tuition Remission
HR 3630 Employee Wellness


HR 3700 Leave Reporting and Usage
HR 3705 Vacation Leave
HR 3710 Sick Leave
HR 3720 Family and Medical Leave
HR 3725 Bereavement Leave
HR 3730 Personal Business Leave
HR 3735 Holidays
HR 3737 Floating Holidays (Iowa Employment Solutions @ DMACC only)
HR 3740 Professional Leave
HR 3745 Faculty Sabbatical Leave
HR 3750 Conference and Meeting Leave (This is now a Business Office Procedure: click here to view)
HR 3755 Court and Jury Leave
HR 3760 Military Leave
HR 3765 Leave Without Pay and LTD Leave Without Pay
HR 3775 Early Dismissal/School Closing
HR 3780 Veteran's Day Leave


HR 3800 Resignation
HR 3805 Retirement
HR 3810 Early Retirement
HR 3812 Emeritus Status
HR 3815 Reduction in Force (RIF) - Non-Faculty
​​HR 3816 Reduction in Force (RIF) - Faculty​
HR 3820 Abandonment of Position
HR 3830 Employee Exit