Directed Study

​Directed Study allows students to take regular DMACC courses on an individual basis. It is intended to be used in exceptional circumstances, such as taking a course required for graduation during a term when the course is not offered as a scheduled class. It must adhere to the same standards, competencies, and student experiences as the regularly scheduled class.

Some courses may not be practically offered through Directed Study, and no student has the right to receive instruction through Directed Study. If no instructor is available or willing to assume the responsibility of such instruction, or if approval is denied for any reason, the student will be expected to take the course when it is next available as a regular class offering.

A student taking Directed Study will pay the standard tuition and fees and be required to purchase the associated books and supplies. The time frame must match the regular semester schedule.

No student may proceed with Directed Study until a Contract for Directed Study is completed, the student has registered for the course, and all tuition and fees have been paid. Compensation for supervising a Directed Study is equivalent to the tuition paid by the student.