Appeal of Final Grades

​​Students should first attempt to resolve the matter with their instructor. If unsuccessful, students may proceed through the steps outlined in The Appeal Process for Final Grades. A copy of this outline is available at any DMACC Student Services Office.

Students who choose to appeal a final grade are advised to work with the ombudsperson in working through the appeal process. The ombudsperson assures that the student's rights and procedures are understood by the student. To initiate an appeal, a student must complete the Appeal of Final Course Grade Form (Loading...​​).

The procedure regarding academic misconduct, the Academic Misconduct Report Form, and the Appeal of Academic Misconduct Sanction Form are available on the DMACC intranet (Loading...​​).

Once a formal appeal appears eminent, faculty are also encouraged to read the procedure regarding the College Review Board (Loading...​).


Appeal of Final Grade

An appeal process for final grades is intended to provide students with a safeguard against receiving an unfair final grade, while respecting the academic authority of the instructor. This procedure recognizes that every student has a right to receive a grade assigned upon a fair and unprejudiced evaluation based on a method that is neither arbitrary nor capricious. Furthermore, instructors have the right to assign a grade based on any method that is professionally acceptable, submitted in writing to all students, and applied equally.

Assigning of final grades is the responsibility of the faculty member teaching the course. The faculty member is the person best qualified to judge the academic progress of the student enrolled in that course. However, if a student believes that he or she has received an incorrect final course grade, he or she may initiate an informal process to resolve a grade dispute with the instructor. When errors are computational, the result of misunderstandings of assignments, or similar issues, the instructor may complete a Change of Grade Form, discussed earlier in this handbook under Grading Policies.

The faculty member should obtain a copy of Loading...​ Appeal of Final and read it carefully to understand the steps of the appeal process and his or her rights and responsibilities. A copy of the Appeal of Final Grade Form is attached.