Americans with Disability Act (ADA)

DMACC is committed to providing an accessible environment, which supports students with disabilities in reaching their full potential. Support services are available for students who have visual, hearing, mobility, learning, or other types of disabilities to ensure equal access to educational opportunities. Specialized software, adaptive equipment, alternative testing, classroom accommodations, and oral interpreting are examples of the support services offered.

DMACC employs a special needs coordinator to work with students to develop and coordinate services based on individual student need. Any student with a disability who requires reasonable accommodation to participate fully at DMACC should follow the steps listed below.

  1. Contact the special needs coordinator at (515)964-6850 V, (515)964-6809 TTY or the counseling and advising office on any of the six campuses for an Application for Accommodations.
  2. Submit the completed application and supporting documentation to:
    Des Moines Area Community College
    2006 South Ankeny Boulevard, Bldg. 6-10b
    Ankeny, Iowa 50023-3993
    Attention: Special Needs Coordinator
  3. Schedule a time to meet with the special needs coordinator, counselor, or advisor to discuss coordination of these services.
  4. Contact the special needs coordinator with any questions during this process.

Students expect the instructor to provide guidance and direction. At times, a student with disabilities may qualify for aids and services but be unaware of how to initiate the process. Adding a statement onto each syllabus should provide students with the direction they need. Mentioning the statement the first day of class is also helpful to students. An example of such a statement is as follows:

It is the policy of DMACC to accommodate students with disabilities. Any student with a documented disability who requires reasonable accommodation should contact the special needs coordinator at (515) 964-6850 voice or (515) 964-6809 TTY.


  • ES 4610, Reasonable Accommodation for Students with Disabilities