Absence Policy — Students

​​It is the student's responsibility to be aware of the role attendance and participation play in the final grade for the course as explained in each course syllabus. It is the institutional expectation that students will attend and participate in classes for which they are enrolled. Students receiving financial aid need to be fully aware of attendance requirements that are outlined in the DMACC Student Handbook.

Faculty should meet the following expectations:

  • Students will be informed through the course syllabus of the instructor's grading policy. If attendance and participation play a role in the final grade for the course, this must be defined in the syllabus.
  • If the grading policy includes points for attendance and participation, denial of points or percentages for absenteeism shall be acceptable.
  • The academic penalty for non-attendance shall reflect only the actual impact of the absence.
  • No distinction will be made between an approved or unapproved absence in terms of student grade, potential for credit, or the right to make up missed assignments.
  • Students will be informed by way of the course syllabus of the instructor's make-up policy. Failure to complete a makeup assignment within a reasonable designated time shall be grounds for failure of that assignment.

Students may attend college-sponsored workshops, conferences, or seminars if they receive prior approval from the instructor(s) whose classes will be missed. Students will be responsible for any fees associated with the activity.


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