Field Trips

​​A field trip should contribute to a student's educational experience. All field trips require the prior approval of the appropriate Academic Dean or Provost and should be planned far enough in advance so that adequate preparations can be made with students, the College, and the trip site. Financial arrangements for the trip must also be made in advance and financing may include use of club funds and/or student contributions.

Local field trips require the completion and submission of the following forms by the instructor and the program chair one week prior to the event:

  • DMACC Field Trip Notification Approval form (ES4030-A)
  • Request for Transportation form (if applicable)

Out of state or overnight trips require completion and submission of the following forms the instructor and the program chair two weeks prior to the event:

  • DMACC Field Trip Notification/Approval form (ES4030-A)
  • Request for Transportation form
  • Request for Conference and Meeting Leave form (P-23)
  • Field Trip Itinerary

The instructor is expected to make adequate provisions for transportation, preferably using College vehicles or chartered buses (see BS 5518, Vehicle Pool.)

Anyone driving a College vehicle must have their motor vehicle record checked before using the vehicle and annually thereafter. Contracted faculty, adjuncts, and students who plan on driving a DMACC vehicle must notify the Physical Plant by e-mail at to allow their motor vehicle record to be reviewed. The Physical Plant needs the legal name, driver license number, and expiration date to obtain the records. Notification must be at least three working days in advance of using the vehicle. All employees who drive DMACC vehicles will also be required to report new driving violations. Please see Human Resources Procedure 3305 for details.

If students are to be involved in driving, the dean or provost must approve and restrictions apply. The form to submit is the Van/Automobile Authorization Form for Student. A student may not drive to a destination more than 50 miles one-way without an employee in the vehicle. Any student who chooses to attend a field trip in his/her personal vehicle should sign a Notice Regarding Use of Private Vehicle and Acceptance of Personal Responsibility form prior to departure.

Please note that to drive a DMACC 15-passenger van, all drivers must 1) be 21 years of age, and 2) possess a CDL license Class A, B, or C with passenger endorsement or complete van driver training by viewing a 75-minute video and passing a written test. To arrange a time to view the video and take the test, call x6209.

At least one College representative must accompany every 30 students. All DMACC vehicles are non-smoking vehicles. Current Vehicle Pool mileage rates for sedans, minivans, pickup trucks, full-size vans, or the bus are available from the Physical Plant at x6209