Staff Development Units

Faculty may advance horizontally across the Faculty Pay Schedule by earning staff development units (SDU's). SDU's may be earned through coursework, industry training (vocational faculty only), or work experience (vocational faculty only) that is directly related to the faculty member's position. The following activities are not eligible for SDU's:

  • Regular meetings and conventions
  • In-service workshops or seminars
  • Activities for which the College pays any expense, tuition, fees, etc.

SDU activities must be approved before they are undertaken, A Request for Approval of Staff Development Unit Project Form (P-40) must be completed by the faculty member and submitted for approval to the Academic Dean or Provost.

Vocational faculty are eligible to earn SDU's for work experience. A Rationale for Requesting SDU's for Work Experience (P-41) must accompany form P-40 in this case.

Upon completion of the project, an official transcript or evidence of satisfactory completion of the training or work experience is to be submitted to the Human Resources Department. When sufficient SDU's have been earned (22 or 23), a lane change request will be sent to the President. SDU lane changes are processed only once per year, at the beginning of the faculty contract year.