Faculty Sabbaticals

​​​Faculty Sabbatical Leave is provided for full-time, non probationary faculty to have the opportunity to enhance their skills through such activities as research or work experience.

Instructors may bank up to 18 equivalent credit hours (ECH's) in lieu of overload pay, earned for teaching overload courses, as credit toward leave. The leave may be only granted for one term or two part-terms, once every five years. Instructors must commit to returning to teach for one year following expiration of the leave. If a Faculty Sabbatical Leave is not requested or granted, all banked ECH's will be paid in full.

When a faculty member wishes to bank overload ECH's, he/she completes and submits a Request to Bank Overload Pay Form (P-47) prior to the first overload pay of the semester.

When a faculty member has sufficient ECH's banked, he/she may apply for the sabbatical by completing the Request for Sabbatical Leave Form (P-37) ​​​and submitting it to his/her immediate supervisor. The deadline for the submission is at the beginning of the semester prior to the semester for which the leave is requested.

Faculty members continue to accrue all benefits during the leave and their annual movement on the salary schedule is not negatively affected. Approval to take Faculty Sabbatical Leave is not guaranteed.