Automotive Services

DMACC auto mechanics students work on faculty-owned vehicles under certain conditions. The work will only be done if the problem is something that is currently being studied by automotive students. Since students are not in lab all day, repairs typically take longer than in a commercial shop, but cost savings may be significant. Contact the Automotive Department at x6545 or x6552 at the Ankeny Campus for further information.

Emergency Auto Service

On the Ankeny Campus, students and faculty whose cars won't start, have low tires, or have locked keys in their cars should contact campus security at Ext.#6500 (964-6500 off campus). Assistance may be obtained from the Security officer or, if Security is not available, a commercial car service in Ankeny may be called. DMACC security service is provided free of charge, but charges of any commercial car service will be the full responsibility of the student.

At the Boone and Carroll Campus, maintenance staff will assist with starting cars. At the Newton Campus, jumper cables may be borrowed from the Newton SAB through the Information Desk. At the Urban Campus, jumper cables may be borrowed from Security.