Personal Use of College Resources

​​​College resources are intended for activities consistent with the College's mission and service to the community, and employees and students are specifically prohibited from using College facilities, equipment, vehicles, tools, energy, supplies, or any other assets or services for personal use unless authorized in accordance with approved administrative procedures.

Personal use of College property by an employee is acceptable, provided that the use:

  • Is infrequent and brief
  • Does not interfere with work performance
  • Does not interfere with any College operation or service
  • Does not affect the useful life of College property
  • Results in no cost to the College (see HR 3​335​ for reimbursing the College for photocopying, printing, faxing, postage, and telephone charges)

In no instance may an employee use College property for illegal or other inappropriate purposes, such as:

  • Accessing or transmitting pornographic material except for legitimate academic purposes
  • Sending threatening, harassing, or obscene communications
  • Violating copyright or licensing laws
  • Playing computer games
  • Giving unauthorized access of an employee's password or data files
  • Using the incoming or outgoing WATS line for personal phone calls
  • Using College property for personal profit or entrepreneurial purposes
  • Taking College property home for personal use except for software that has a licensing agreement authorizing personal use of the software by employees
  • Allowing family or friends to use College property.