Citizen Complaints

​​​Whenever a citizen takes issue with any aspect of College operation, that individual shall discuss the problem with the party most immediately involved. The intention of the College is to be responsive to public concerns and to solve problems at the lowest possible administrative level. If a classroom matter is not satisfactorily resolved at the faculty level, the appeal process shall be as follows:

  1. Supervisor or administrator in the line of responsibility.
  2. Appropriate dean or provost.
  3. Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs, Ankeny Campus.
  4. President.
  5. Board of Directors.

For concerns other than classroom-related issues, the complaint may be taken directly to the appropriate dean or provost.

When members of the public express concerns directly to the President or Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs, Ankeny Campus, the person is to be encouraged to follow the above appeal procedure.

(Employees wishing to file a complaint should proceed according to Loading...​​