Program & Benefits

Des Moines Area Community College's Honors Program is available for students with high academic standards in order to expand their boundaries and better prepare them to enter the workforce or continue on to a four-year college or university.  The mission is to provide quality, student-centered education and opportunities for leadership, service, and research that challenge and stimulate students with high academic standards.


  • Opportunity to enroll in leadership and service learning seminars, tuition-free
  • Opportunity to receive tuition-based rebates of up to 3-credit hours per semester
  • Opportunity to take discipline courses in your major as Honors courses by signing online contracts
  • Opportunity to work one-on-one on special projects with honors faculty mentors
  • Opportunity to register for classes first each term
  • Access to a designated Honors advisor on each campus
  • Notation of Honors degree or Honors course credits on transcript to increase transfer opportunities to 4-year honors programs or increased job opportunities
  • Opportunity to wear Honors recognition medallion at graduation
  • Access to designated honors spaces on most campuses
  • Extracurricular enhancements, such as field trips, speaker series, social and cultural events, and regional and national Honors conferences
  • Acceptance into 4-year college or university Honors Programs

Graduating with honors from the DMACC Honors Program 

Meet requirements for a diploma or degree with a cumulative G.P.A of 3.5

Complete a minimum of 13 credits of honors courses at DMACC (approved by Director of Honors—may be designated honors sections or standard sections with online contract signed by Honors professor and Director of Honors). Classes can be traditional face-to-face courses taken on DMACC campuses or at DMACC centers, web-blended, or fully online.