HON 200: Honors Capstone

(2 credit lecture)


HON 100

Course Description:

This seminar provides an opportunity for students to complete a leadership project and reflect on their experiences, as well as showcase their work while at DMACC. Students will complete the required criteria for the Honors Program electronic portfolio.

Course Competencies

  1. Identify the criteria required to complete the DMACC Honors Program.
  2. Modify an electronic portfolio to showcase academic course work, service learning, and leadership activities throughout the time at DMACC.
    1. Demonstrate proficiency in content and format of selected pieces.
    2. Show an understanding of ethical dimensions and consequences of plagiarism.
    3. Complete a cover letter suitable for a 4-year institution, scholarship or job opportunity.
  3. Identify the elements of effective team building.
    1. Explain the significance of team building as a leadership skill.
    2. List several ways to augment team building efforts and improve teams.
  4. Evaluate the elements and processes involved in decision-making.
    1. Identify the role of leadership in effective group decision-making.
    2. Explain the value of clearly defined goals.
    3. Apply concepts of effective goal setting to personal, interpersonal, and career development.
  5. Analyze the role of conflict in a group setting.
    1. Assess the importance of a leader's role in guiding through conflict.
    2. Identify practical approaches and techniques for guiding through conflict.
  6. Assess a group leadership project upon completion.
    1. Plan a group leadership project.
    2. Participate in a group leadership project.
  7. Evaluate the role of a leader in initiating change and helping others to adjust to change.
    1. Define the importance of initiating and leading change as a leadership skill.
    2. Identify positive and negative effects of change.
    3. Evaluate personal readiness to respond to change.
    4. Summarize ways to overcome resistance to change.
  8. Appraise your preparation for your career.
    1. Investigate the importance of networking.
    2. Apply concepts of networking into your personal and professional development.
    3. Discover ways of succeeding in an interview.
    4. Revise your Leadership Philosophy

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