The Honors Program requires students to complete a minimum of 20 credits of honors courses at DMACC.

Honors classes will be traditional face-to-face courses taken on DMACC campuses or at DMACC centers (online or concurrent enrollment classes in high schools may not be taken for honors credit). Honors courses are those courses which have been previously approved by the Director of Honors. Honors courses include designated honors sections or standard sections with an individual honors-option contract signed by the honors professor and the Director of Honors, which include the following criteria:

  • Rigorous written assignments
  • Enhanced large- and small-group communication skills
  • Higher order reading and listening skills
  • Critical thinking

Satisfactorily complete two, 2-credit honors seminars
(generally, one per semester)*

HON 100—Introduction to Honors (e-portfolio begun in HON 100 will continue throughout all semesters and be submitted for review at the end of each semester)

HON 200—Honors Capstone (Final electronic portfolio submitted to the Honors Director by the final week of classes--before finals week prior to student's graduation. Final portfolio will be assessed by the Honors Advisory Council and will prepare the students for submitting their application letters to gain admission into the 4-year honors programs. Portfolio requirements:

  • Written and oral assignments submitted from all successfully completed honor courses at DMACC—may include honors professors' comments.
  • Letter of application addressed to transfer institution honors director, reflecting on participation in activities outside the classroom: seminar lectures, college-sponsored activities, (e.g., Constitution Day, First Amendment Forum, Literary Arts Festival, International Year, drama productions, concerts, art shows, campus newspapers, etc.), participation in specific honors activities (field trips, conferences, etc.), and independent study, if any.
    * Students transferring to DMACC with 30+ credits over 100 level or equivalent and accepted into the honors program must complete a minimum of 10 honors credits to graduate with honors, which include HON 100 and HON 200.

Honors courses at DMACC will include courses already required in approved degreed programs, plus two, 2-credit seminar courses.

Students may enroll in designated honors sections if multiple sections of the course are available at a campus or center; if an honors section isn't available, students may complete an honors contract with an approved honors professor. Both professor and student must sign this contract and submit it to be approved by the Director of Honors within the first four weeks of the course.

Honors 2-credit seminars will be graded. A "B" or above will generate Honors credit on the student's transcript or grade report.

Honors students seeking to pursue study in a course not offered at DMACC may contract up to a total of 8 credits of honors independent study with honors professors if the contract between student and honors professor has been approved by the Honors Director no later than four weeks into a given semester (no more than 4 credits per semester), adhering to the guidelines already stated in the DMACC catalog for completing independent study.

Approved degreed courses articulate with 4-year institutions to accept all 20 of the honors credits, including the four, 2-credit seminar courses to substitute for required seminar courses students at the colleges or universities may have taken in the first and second years.