DMACC Online Career Academy

​Course Descriptions

BUS102-Introduction to Business
Credits: 3
An overview of the ever-changing world of business. Provides information in the areas of ownership, management, marketing, insurance, economic systems and finance, as well as the role of government.

FIN121-Personal Finance
Credits: 3
This course emphasizes family financial planning including financial statements, budgeting, taxes, risk management and retirement.

BUS148-Small Business Management
Credits: 3
Examines introductory business applications and strategies needed to start and operate a small business. Topics include entrepreneurship preparation, idea feasibility, business plan content, introductory marketing, management and finance concepts for small business.

Credits: 3
Emphasizes the "consultative style" of personal selling. Covers the importance of establishing good relationships, finding prospect needs, providing a solution to these needs, and closing a high percentage of sales interviews.

BCA212-Intro Computer Business Appl
Credits: 3 (includes lab)
The focus of this course is to use computer hardware and software as business productivity tools. Training includes a hands-on introduction to computer applications vital in today's business and industry. Course covers operating system, e-mail, internet, word processing, spreadsheet, database and presentation applications.

HSC 114-Medical Terminology
Credits: 3
Course description: A comprehensive study ​of medical terminology as the language of medicine. Analyzes words by dividing them into component parts. Relates the medical terms to the structure and functional pathology of diseases and current medical procedures. Emphasizes word usage, abbreviations, pronunciation and spelling.

ENG105-Composition I
Credits: 3
Designed to help students read and write effectively. Exploration of the relationship of audience to writer and material. Emphasis on developing concrete detail to support main ideas. Prerequisite: Satisfactory writing skills.

ENG 106 - Composition II
Expository and persuasive writing developed through critical reading. The course explores structure, style, research and documentation. Prerequisite: ENG 105

LIT101-Intro to Literature
Credits: 3
Introduction to the study and appreciation of poetry, fiction and drama. Basic critical approaches are emphasized, and a broad range of authors from a variety of cultural and ethnic groups and a wide span of historical periods is presented.

MAT141-Finite Math
Credits: 4
A general education course in practical mathematics for those students not majoring in mathematics or science. This course will include such topics as set operations and applications, methods of counting, probability, systems of linear equations, matrices, geometric linear programming and an introduction to Markov chains. Prerequisite: One year H.S. Algebra or MAT 063.

Credits: 4
Tabular and graphical presentation, measures of central tendency and variability, standard elementary procedures involving the binomial, normal, student's T, chi-square and F distributions, correlation, regression, analysis of variance and several nonparametric procedures. Students will not receive credit for both MAT 157 and BUS 211 Prerequisite: Two years H.S. Algebra, department permission or MAT 073

HIS112-West Civ: Ancient to Early Mod
Credits: 4
The student surveys the great civilizations from Greece and Rome through the rise of Christianity, to Europe in the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and Reformation, the modern state, the new science and the secular outlook, parliamentary government in England and political absolutism in France and Eastern Europe.

HIS113-West Civ: Early Modern to Pres
Credits: 4
Survey of political, economic, social and intellectual developments from the 18th century to the present. Enlightenment, revolutions and reactions, national unifications, national rivalries, world wars and post-war developments.

HIS150-U.S. History to 1877
Credits: 4
A survey of main themes of American history from 1492 to 1877 with emphasis on the political, social, economic, religious and intellectual aspects of the presettlement, Colonial, Revolutionary, Antebellum Civil War and Reconstruction eras.

HIS153-U.S. History since 1877
Credits: 4
A survey of main themes of American history from 1877 to the present with emphasis on political, social, economic, religious and intellectual aspects of the Gilded Age, the Progressive Era, WWI, the Roaring Twenties, the Great Depression, WWII and post WWII Era.

PSY111-Introduction to Psychology
Credits: 3
A survey of psychology including theoretical and experimental findings and applications from areas such as neurobiology, learning, memory, personality, social, abnormal, and therapy.

SOC110-Introduction to Sociology
Credits: 3
The study of human interaction, groups and society. Topics included are culture, socialization, organizations, deviance, inequality, institutions, health, population, ecology, social change and research methods.