Energy Conservation Program

​DMACC is committed to a policy of energy efficiency and conservation. Under the guidance of DMACC Physical Plant staff a continuous effort has been in place to implement energy saving technologies and behavioral changes to reduce annual utility costs and our carbon footprint.

In 2007, President Rob Denson signed the American College and Universities Climate Commitment demonstrating DMACC's dedication to further reduce utility costs and our carbon footprint. In 2011, approximately 82% of DMACC's carbon footprint was generated from consumption of electricity and natural gas. As a means to reduce this consumption DMACC entered into an agreement with Cenergistic on March 1, 2012.

Cenergistic, an industry leader in energy conservation, assisted DMACC in the implementation of a customized, comprehensive energy conservation program to reduce electric, natural gas, fuel oil, water and sewer consumption. DMACC hired Jay Tiefenthaler as the Energy Specialist in May of 2012 to work in conjunction with Cenergistic to successfully implement a program of behavioral changes allowing DMACC to expand its' efforts as an energy-efficient, eco-friendly organization. DMACC has adopted and implemented the DMACC Energy Conservation Guidelines to educate and assist faculty, staff and students in helping to reduce over-all utility consumption. Please take a moment to review the DMACC Energy Conservation Guidelines.

The DMACC Energy Conservation Program has reduced over-all utility consumption by over $3 million to date with our monthly savings averaging 24% over the last 5 years. In recognition of our success Cenergistic awarded DMACC an Energy Excellence A​ward in September of 2015 for reaching $1 million in energy savings.

Each year our energy conservation program strives to improve our utility operating efficiency. Continued efforts by DMACC students, faculty, and staff have created a culture of energy conservation that is recognized statewide. DMACC is an Energy Star Partner, a recognition that the DMACC Energy Conservation Program proudly displays.

DMACC has established itself as an institutional leader in higher education dedicated to energy conservation. Our committed effort to reduce our carbon footprint and over-all utility costs solidifies our foundation of social responsibility and sustainability for current and future generations.

Please take time to browse the many links provided in the highlighted link on this page. Thank you for doing your part to help DMACC succeed in energy conservation. As always, remember to conserve today for tomorrow's education!