Community Supported Horticulture

Randall Vos, Program Chair of Horticulture at DMACC, began the first Community Supported Horticulture (CSH) at DMACC in the Summer of 2013. The CSH is a relationship of mutual support and commitment between DMACC Faculty & Staff and the DMACC Horticulture Department.

Faculty and Staff pay an annual membership fee to cover production costs, and receive a weekly share of the harvest during the local growing season in return. CSH members share with the Horticulture department the bounty of the harvest and some of the risk involved in production.

To date, the DMACC CSH has 20 members each season who have enjoyed a variety of nutritious foods while also increasing the learning experiences of DMACC's Horticulture students involved in the seasonal process.

For further information on the DMACC CSH, please contact

Randall Vos
Program Chair, DMACC Horticulture Department