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A place that will positively redefine the balance between home and work, marketplace and green space, private life and public involvement.

Prairie Trail is a 1,000 acre planned community located in Ankeny, Iowa, built on the tradition of Iowa's great neighborhoods. It's a tapestry of diverse and distinctive homes, tree-lined streets, neighborhood stores, nearby offices, schools, parks, and greenbelts. It will be a walkable development with less traffic, more sidewalks and trails that connect the entire development to the City of Ankeny.

It's a place where everything is designed to connect people to the land, to each other, and to surrounding communities in a very traditional and emotive manner.

At the center of Prairie Trail will exist a traditional town square with a wide variety of restaurants, retail boutiques, and service businesses, surrounding a central park and amphitheater. Plans are in place for professional offices, a public transit station, a hotel, library, grocer, and police headquarters.

Prairie Trail will afford a variety of complimentary housing options designed to create a vibrant, energetic community. All architectural styles are appropriate to the heritage of the Central Iowa region.

Prairie Trail is a place for people to meet and interact. A place to make a life, not just a living. A place to call home.

Congratulations to 2015 Prairie Trail Scholarship Recipients

From left: Madeline Wignall, Olivia Slater, Dennis Albaugh, Susan Albaugh, James Ellwanger, Kristel Schultz, Gina Snuttjer and DMACC President Rob Denson.

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