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Every year the DMACC Foundation receives generous donations from DMACC Board members, our faculty and staff members, area businesses, service organizations and many other friends.

These donations provide scholarships to students, helps us acquire new instructional equipment, helps with professional development and capital improvements for students, faculty and staff of the college and the community beyond.

We hope to encourage success and positively change the futures of students and their families.


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Alana Platte

Alana Platte

It was volleyball that drew Alana Platte to DMACC’s Boone Campus from Wapsie Valley High School in the Fall of 2015. But it is what she found at DMACC outside the gym that is helping her lay the groundwork for a career she hopes takes her around the world.

“I had Iowa State on my mind as long as I can remember,” Alana says, thinking back to the process of making her college choice. “But having the opportunity to play volleyball at DMACC was big. When I got here, I realized it was perfect for me. The class sizes were only slightly bigger than my high school, so it ended up being a great transition.”

It was also a meaningful one.

“I’ve learned a lot about myself here,” Alana says. She has played on the volleyball team during both of her years at DMACC. “I had no idea I would love science in the way that I now do. I attribute a lot of that to the teachers that I’ve had.”

She is also quick to note the importance of scholarships during her time at DMACC. She has earned scholarships for volleyball, the DMACC Foundation Scholarship, and the Mark Pearson Scholarship made available to those who have served as president of their high school FFA chapter as a junior or senior.

“I couldn’t have done it without scholarships,” Alana says. “As a student-athlete the demands on your time are too much to allow for a job to help pay for school. The scholarships have made it possible for me to focus all my time on DMACC without worries of how I will make ends meet.”

Looking beyond the student-athlete life—Alana says she won’t pursue volleyball when she transfers to Iowa State in the Fall of 2017—her newfound interest in science has her excited for the future. She plans to continue coursework in an agriculture-related filed with a world-wide focus.

“I want to work in foreign relations for a large agricultural organization,” Alana says. “I want to have a global impact in the ag field.”


Tyler Jurgensen

Tyler Jurgensen

If you ask Tyler Jurgensen why he didn’t enroll in college right out of high school, he is quick to answer.

“I just didn’t want to go,” he says.

Instead of jumping right from high school into college, Tyler worked in a series of service industry jobs. While not particularly fulfilling, the jobs helped him pay the bills; until he lost his transportation and, ultimately, lost his job. Not sure what to do next, his mom pushed him to give DMACC a look.

“Really, I was going nowhere,” Tyler, a 2005 graduate of Ankeny High School says looking back. “My mom convinced me that I had a talent in the arts, so I decided to give DMACC a try.”

Now enrolled in the Graphic Design program, Tyler says he looks at himself differently than he did a couple years ago.

“Being here and succeeding, I feel great about myself and I love school in a way I never have before,” he says. “That is what DMACC has given me.”

He says the fact that he has earned a scholarship further boosts his confidence.

“When I found out about the scholarship, it made me feel good about myself and proved to me that anything was possible,” Tyler says. “The last 10 years of my life, I’ve been finding excuses to not put myself out there.

“This proves to me that I can do it. I never dreamed I would go to college and this past summer I was on the Dean’s List,” he continues. “I’ve made my family proud and I’ve made myself proud.”

Now looking toward the future, Tyler says he can’t wait to get into the working world.

“As a graphic designer I am going to have the opportunity to do a job that no only benefits me, but benefits others,” he says. “I just want to keep improving my skills so I can be a role model for my nephews and my niece. I want them to see that going to college and earning your way into a career is a great path to take.” 


Jennifer Mendez

Jennifer Mendez

Already in the workforce, it would have been easy for single mom Jennifer Mendez to push her dreams of becoming a nurse aside and simply continue working the job she was working.

Easy wasn’t in the cards for Jennifer, and she is now completing her pre-requisites at DMACC’s Urban Campus in Des Moines, while excitedly looking forward to beginning her nursing classes in January 2017.

“I have always wanted to be a nurse,” she says. “But I ended up getting married and having children so I had to put that on hold. Today, I’m a single mom and my children are a little older, so I’m pursuing it.”

Jennifer says that the DMACC experience has been incredible. From the flexibility of the class schedules to the diversity of the students and the financial support she’s received in the form of a DMACC Foundation Scholarship … all of it has pushed her to be the best student she can possibly be.

“I love the diversity and the chemistry that comes from it,” Jennifer says. “In our classes there are everywhere from 18-year-olds right out of high school to non-traditional students like me, all the way up to 50-years-old. We come from all different walks of life, but we all have the same goal of getting a great education.”

The advisors and instructors have also been key in helping Jennifer find success.

“I’ve had really good experiences with all of them,” she says. “From the beginning they helped me establish a plan and have worked to ensure I stick to it.”

In addition to learning a lot in her general education courses, Jennifer says she has opened her eyes to something profound.

“This has taught me how resilient I am,” she says. “I now know that I have the tools to be successful. DMACC gave me the push I needed. Sure, it was intimidating coming back to school. But I have always felt supported here and I am more confident than ever.”