President's Day Recipients

collapse Year Awarded : 2018 ‎(8)
Distinguished Adjunct Faculty AwardEileen Muhlbauer
Distinguished Continuing Education AwardTony Schmitz
Distinguished Customer Service AwardJim Rehder
Distinguished Faculty AwardJen Wollesen
Distinguished Service AwardSteve Barger
Outstanding Pioneers AwardVerlyn Noring
Support Staff Service AwardDenise Moore
Support Staff Service AwardMy Tran
collapse Year Awarded : 2017 ‎(8)
Distinguished Adjunct Faculty AwardTammy Bledsoe
Distinguished Adjunct Faculty AwardJane Esterly-Rettig
Distinguished Continuing Education AwardJoyce Nichols
Distinguished Customer Service AwardVicki Voogt
Distinguished Faculty AwardJohn Neumayer
Distinguished Service AwardScott Ocken
Outstanding Pioneers AwardShirley Muehlenthaler
Support Staff Service AwardMelody Riley
collapse Year Awarded : 2016 ‎(6)
Distinguished Adjunct Faculty AwardJeff Edrington
Distinguished Continuing Education AwardSheryl Sexauer
Distinguished Faculty AwardMark Rosenberry
Distinguished Service AwardYvonne Fielder
Outstanding Pioneers AwardLyla Maynard
Support Staff Service AwardNancy Moeller
collapse Year Awarded : 2015 ‎(7)
Distinguished Adjunct Faculty AwardHugh Stone
Distinguished Continuing Education AwardClay Winterboer
Distinguished Customer Service AwardNorma Perez-Kahler
Distinguished Faculty AwardJudy Vogel
Distinguished Service AwardSheila Aukes
Outstanding Pioneers AwardCarroll Bennett
Support Staff Service AwardPheap Tim
collapse Year Awarded : 2014 ‎(6)
Distinguished Adjunct Faculty AwardSteve Johnson
Distinguished Customer Service AwardContinuing Education Department
Distinguished Faculty AwardBill Gorman
Distinguished Service AwardBoone Campus Student Services
Outstanding Pioneers AwardPauline Skarda
Support Staff Service AwardFarfum Ladroma
collapse Year Awarded : 2013 ‎(7)
Distinguished Adjunct Faculty AwardSeeta L. Mangra-Stubbs
Distinguished Continuing Education AwardMichael Hoffman representing Harry J. Quinn
Distinguished Customer Service AwardDMACC Testing Center
Distinguished Faculty AwardMargaret H. Cooper
Distinguished Service AwardDr. Anna L. Conway
Outstanding Pioneers AwardMarcia J. Johnson
Support Staff Service AwardDan R. Ivis
collapse Year Awarded : 2012 ‎(8)
Distinguished Adjunct Faculty AwardCarol Williams
Distinguished Continuing Education AwardSteve Gibbons
Distinguished Faculty AwardKerry George
Distinguished Service AwardJan LaVille
Outstanding Departmental AwardAutomotive Department
Outstanding Pioneers AwardDee Johnson
Outstanding Process Improvement AwardBonnie Slykhuis
Support Staff Service AwardAngie Dietz
collapse Year Awarded : 2011 ‎(8)
Distinguished Adjunct Faculty AwardDale Collins
Distinguished Continuing Education AwardCynthia Arterburn
Distinguished Faculty AwardDan Hilgers
Distinguished Service AwardStudent Services Department
Distinguished Service AwardBryan Burkhardt
Outstanding Pioneers AwardMike Perry
Outstanding Process Improvement AwardUrban Campus Faculty and Staff
Support Staff Service AwardContinuing Education Department: Marilyn Arnold, Teresa Farrell, Cindy Huisman, Lori Obernolte, Mary Wakefield, and Dana Zeiser
collapse Year Awarded : 2010 ‎(6)
Distinguished Adjunct Faculty AwardBruce Presley
Distinguished Continuing Education AwardGene Gering
Distinguished Faculty AwardBarb Gano
Distinguished Service AwardJohn Brockelsby
Outstanding Pioneers AwardDale Wagner
Support Staff Service AwardDave Morgan
collapse Year Awarded : 2009 ‎(8)
Community Service AwardSue Gibbons
Distinguished Adjunct Faculty AwardLeland Searles
Distinguished Faculty AwardKathleen Zimmerman
Distinguished Service AwardTyrone Hunt
Outstanding Departmental AwardCopy Room
Outstanding Pioneers AwardSharon Eckstrom
Outstanding Process Improvement AwardCredentials Department
Support Staff Service AwardRobert Stitz
collapse Year Awarded : 2008 ‎(7)
Community Service AwardVerl Long
Distinguished Continuing Education AwardVictor Raymond
Distinguished Faculty AwardJan LaVille
Distinguished Service AwardSherry Hill
Outstanding Departmental AwardFinancial Aid
Outstanding Process Improvement AwardAdmissions Staff Responsible for Online Applications
Support Staff Service AwardJohn Card
collapse Year Awarded : 2007 ‎(6)
Distinguished Adjunct Faculty AwardBarb Hoffman
Distinguished Continuing Education AwardJoe Steenhoek
Distinguished Faculty AwardGalen Briggs & Jan Nickelson
Distinguished Service AwardJudy Vogel
Outstanding Departmental AwardAdmissions Department  Campuswide
Support Staff Service AwardBrenda Hickle
collapse Year Awarded : 2006 ‎(6)
Community Service AwardSan Wong
Distinguished Continuing Education AwardChris Mann
Distinguished Faculty AwardShe Mears
Distinguished Service AwardMary Lonsdale
Outstanding Departmental AwardHealth & Public Services
Support Staff Service AwardLisa Stubbs
collapse Year Awarded : 2005 ‎(6)
Community Service AwardNancy Woods
Distinguished Continuing Education AwardBill Eden
Distinguished Faculty AwardLarry Barrett
Distinguished Service AwardJames Knott
Outstanding Departmental AwardLearning Resources (Library Services)
Support Staff Service AwardRobin Ziemann & Mary Douthard
collapse Year Awarded : 2004 ‎(6)
Community Service AwardSue Gibbons & Shea Mears
Distinguished Continuing Education AwardBarb Harrington
Distinguished Faculty AwardMary Anne Schulte
Distinguished Service AwardLisa Stock
Outstanding Departmental AwardBoone Campus Buildings and Grounds
Support Staff Service AwardSandra Van Overbeke
collapse Year Awarded : 2003 ‎(6)
Community Service AwardJudy Hauser
Distinguished Continuing Education AwardOpal Current
Distinguished Faculty AwardMaura Nelson
Distinguished Service AwardDonovan Honnold
Outstanding Departmental AwardSystems Integration
Support Staff Service AwardPatricia Fasbender
collapse Year Awarded : 2002 ‎(5)
Community Service AwardDianne Downing-Nelson
Distinguished Continuing Education AwardSandy Taylor
Distinguished Faculty AwardJan LaVille
Distinguished Service AwardAnn Watts
Outstanding Departmental AwardTransportation Institute
collapse Year Awarded : 2001 ‎(6)
Community Service AwardMary Chapman
Distinguished Continuing Education AwardPat Martin
Distinguished Faculty AwardPat Martin
Distinguished Service AwardCraig McEnany
Outstanding Departmental AwardAuto Mechanics, Auto Collision, Diesel
Support Staff Service AwardTheatta Brandmeyer
collapse Year Awarded : 2000 ‎(6)
Community Service AwardGary Nelson
Distinguished Continuing Education AwardRebecca Albright
Distinguished Faculty AwardChef Robert Anderson
Distinguished Service AwardSharon Witty
Outstanding Departmental AwardFinancial Aid
Support Staff Service AwardJudy Eriksen
collapse Year Awarded : 1999 ‎(4)
Distinguished Continuing Education AwardKathleen Zimmerman
Distinguished Faculty AwardCurt Stahr
Outstanding Departmental AwardPhysical Plant
Support Staff Service AwardBonnie McBee
collapse Year Awarded : 1998 ‎(6)
Community Service AwardNancy Noth
Distinguished Continuing Education AwardClaudia Broillier
Distinguished Faculty AwardJim Stick
Distinguished Service AwardJadeesh Adhay
Outstanding Departmental AwardSystems Integration
Support Staff Service AwardRandy Voshell
collapse Year Awarded : 1997 ‎(5)
Community Service AwardJames Fenton
Distinguished Faculty AwardNancy Woods
Distinguished Service AwardRichard Struve
Outstanding Departmental AwardHorticulture
Support Staff Service AwardMarlys Frazier
collapse Year Awarded : 1996 ‎(5)
Distinguished Continuing Education AwardJames  Cornwell
Distinguished Service AwardGlenda Johnson
Distinguished Teacher AwardSue Wickham
Outstanding Departmental AwardDMACC Library Services
Support Staff Service AwardGlenda Johnson
collapse Year Awarded : 1995 ‎(6)
Community Service AwardJeff Calkins & ?
Distinguished Continuing Education AwardTom Guerdet
Distinguished Faculty AwardHarold Johnson
Distinguished Service AwardLinda Frakes
Outstanding Departmental AwardStudent Records and Service
Support Staff Service AwardArdella Jones
collapse Year Awarded : 1994 ‎(2)
Distinguished Faculty AwardBryon Strom
Distinguished Service AwardJoe Harper
collapse Year Awarded : 1993 ‎(3)
Distinguished Continuing Education AwardJim Frazee
Distinguished Service AwardRon Phillips
Support Staff Service AwardSharon Blaskey
collapse Year Awarded : 1992 ‎(6)
Community Service AwardSandi Johnson
Distinguished Continuing Education AwardRichard Hogan
Distinguished Faculty AwardDr. Robert Taylor
Distinguished Service AwardDon Kerr & Irv Steinberg
Outstanding Departmental AwardPhysical Plant
Support Staff Service AwardSue Graf
collapse Year Awarded : 1991 ‎(5)
Community Service AwardBurgess Shriver
Distinguished Continuing Education AwardRobert Hoffman
Distinguished Faculty AwardJolyne Ghanatabadi
Distinguished Service AwardLeonard Bengston
Outstanding Departmental AwardAgri-Business
collapse Year Awarded : 1990 ‎(5)
Community Service AwardGeorge Siberhorn
Distinguished Continuing Education AwardPat Renaud
Distinguished Faculty AwardSunny Powers
Distinguished Service AwardFrank Trumpy
Outstanding Departmental AwardAutomotive
collapse Year Awarded : 1989 ‎(4)
Community Service AwardJoe Harper
Distinguished Faculty AwardGerald Manning
Distinguished Service AwardHarriet Custer
Outstanding Departmental AwardNursing (A/B/C Campuses)
collapse Year Awarded : 1988 ‎(4)
Community Service AwardMarilyn Corwin
Distinguished Faculty AwardJanet Simons
Distinguished Service AwardSandra Legget
Outstanding Departmental AwardHospitality Careers
collapse Year Awarded : 1987 ‎(4)
Community Service AwardKaren Heuer
Distinguished Faculty AwardDon Erwin
Distinguished Service AwardTom Dunsmore
Outstanding Departmental AwardBusiness Management