Employee Campaign

DMACC Employees Making a Difference

DMACC’s Foundation’s Employee Charitable Giving Campaign is a fundraising effort that gives employees the chance to make a contribution to support students and programming at DMACC.  Choosing to donate to the Employee Charitable Giving Campaign says that you believe so strongly in what happens at DMACC that you are willing to support it above and beyond your everyday work by making a gift.

We encourage you to make gifts through payroll deduction via the Web Info System.  With payroll deduction, your gift amount is automatically deducted from your paycheck and contributed to the DMACC Foundation at each pay period.  As an employee, you can designate your gift to any of the Foundation's funds.  You decide where you want to direct your support.   You can choose to support the area of greatest need or direct your support to a specific fund.  Click here to view a list of scholarship funds or contact DMACC Foundation if you choose to give to a Special Purpose Fund. 

For more information about the DMACC Foundation Employee Charitable Giving, or to receive information about Iowa Shares or United Way of Central Iowa contact Lisa Cappaert at (515) 964-6220 or lmcappaert@dmacc.edu.  

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