Community Giving Opportunities

​​​​​DMACC supports and partners with the following charitable federations. 

Please see each of the organizations and the links below for additional information and how to give.​

Community Health Charities

More Information: https://chci​ 

​Iowa Shares 

More Information: 21-22 Iowa Shares Brochure​​​​

About Iowa Shares​

Give online: 

Follow the instructions to register an account with a login name and password. Next, please follow the instructions on subsequent pages to add your contact information, select don​ation and payment options, enter donation amount, and whether you wish to designate your donation to specific organizations. You may split your donation among organizations. You may also write in a charity not listed, and Iowa Shares will process that donation for the designated recipient.​


United Way

More Information: United to Thrive

​​Give online: