About Us


DMACC Foundation assures educational excellence through charitable giving. To further this mission, the Foundation acquires financial resources and strengthens support to fund scholarships, professional development, and capital improvements for the students, faculty, and staff of the College and the broader communities it serves. In so doing, the Foundation hopes to enhance quality of life, encourage success, and positively change the futures of students and their families.


The DMACC Foundation will strive to secure philanthropic and external sources of support for the students, faculty, staff and programs of DMACC.


We value:

  • Supporting student success, high academic achievement, student completion of their degree program, and student involvement in civic life through volunteerism.
  • Supporting faculty scholarship and professional growth and development for all staff.
  • Supporting programs that recognize student success and faculty accomplishments.
  • Efforts to improve the curriculum though the integration of technology that improves learning and teaching as well as ensures that students have a state-of-the-art instructional environment to compete successfully on the job or at the university to which they transfer.
  • Programs and services that improve the College's responsiveness to the training needs of business and industry to ensure that DMACC remains globally competitive as well as a magnet for those wanting an excellent community in which to work and live.