Release of Funds Information

2017-18 Dates to Remember

Fall 2017Spring 2018Summer 2018
Term Start Date 8/24/17​1/8/18​5/22/18
Earliest Date Financial Aid is Available at the Bookstore**8/14/17​1/2/18​5/14/18
Earliest Date Financial Aid Refunds are Distributed to DMACC One Card from Student Accounts.9/14/17​1/29/18​6/11/18
Earliest Date First-Time Borrowers Loan Refunds are Distributed9/27/17​2/14/18​6/27/18
Second Refund Date for One-Term Only Loans11/1/17​3/14/18​7/5/18

** Funds will be available at the bookstore for ALL students on these dates, however, first-time borrowers will NOT have their loans applied to their accounts until the later dates listed. Their loans will remain AUTHORIZED until that time.

All financial aid credited to a student's bill will be disbursed to the student no sooner than the following week.

Students can check the status of their financial aid by following the instructions below.

View Your DMACC Financial Aid:

  1. Log in to myDMACC.
  2. Access the Web Info System within myDMACC.
  3. Select Student Services and Financial Aid.
  4. Select Financial Aid.
  5. Select My Award Information.
  6. View account summary; review awards by aid year; accept award offers by aid year; review award history; display award payment schedule; view history of loan applications.
  7. Access your DMACC OneCard Information.