Event Details

Musician Tony Memmel

November 18, 2020

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Campus: Ankeny
Location: AN05 Virtual
In celebration of International Education Week, Musician Tony Memmel will take viewers a 2-Day Virtual World Tour, exploring cultural aspects of history, food, music, and more of 4 different countries around the world through a series of short 3-4 minute episodes on each topic (about 10-15 minutes per country total). (Still a work in progress: Participants will have the chance to answer questions about each country by watching each episode from each country and submit their answers for the chance to win (virtual) prizes.) https://hawkeyecollege.zoom.us/j/96890059958?pwd=WjlJU0Y4aXVxRU95bEdubEVxTXJSUT09 Passcode: hawkeye

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