Community & Global Engagement Council

​Membership of the DMACC Community & Global Engagement Council will be thoughtfully selected to include a diverse group of community members across the region served who represent a wide range of interests and links to communities that help DMACC fulfill its mission. Council members will work in small subcommittees with DMACC community members.
The Community Inclusion and Engagement Council’s goal is to provide guidance and make recommendations in the following key areas:

  • Access and Retention: Assist DMACC’s efforts to recruit and retain traditionally underrepresented students, staff and faculty, including racial and ethnic minorities; underrepresented groups studying in science, technology and math program and careers; people with disabilities; and members of the LGBTQ communities.
  • Educational Partnerships: Assist DMACC in developing and maintaining strong relationships as well as partnerships with underrepresented communities, K-12 institutions, business, civic, cultural, social and religious organizations.
  • Innovations in Development: Help DMACC develop additional opportunities for innovative teaching and engagement.
  • Communication: Serve as a confidential sounding board for ideas and ambassadors for DMACC, and assist with developing new relationships, new opportunities for collaboration and mobilization of resources that are mutually beneficial.

Council Members

Membership of the following groups will be represented on the DMACC Community and Global Engagement Council:  

  • Vice President of Enrollment Services, DMACC 
  • Director of Inclusion and Engagement, DMACC
  • DMACC Diversity Commission Representative
  • DMACC International Student Office
  • DMACC Student Representative
  • DMACC Faculty Representative
  • K-12 School District Representative
  • City Council Representative
  • NAACP Representative
  • Asian Alliance Representative
  • Latino Alliance Representative
  • Civil Rights Commission
  • Dallas County Health and Human Services
  • Youth Leadership Group
  • Clergy
  • Iowa International Center
  • Veteran Representative