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Justice and Mass Incarceration

November 12, 2020 12:00 PM

​This session will continue its focus on the Leadership Council's group study of the 1619 project. In this session, we will be joined by Mr. Kameron Middlebrooks, the President of the Des Branch of the NAACP, and Mark Stringer, the Executive Director of ACLU Iowa. Mr. Middlebrooks grew up in Des Moines and been involved with the NAACP since the early 2000s. He served as the Midwestern Regional Field Director for the NAACP from 2012 to 2014 and worked to register people of color to vote. He also worked with the Iowa Governor's office to try to streamline the restoration of voting rights for those convicted of felonies in Iowa. Mr. Stringer was named the executive director of ACLU Iowa in 2017 after previously serving as the senior minister at the First Unitarian Church in Des Moines. Under Mr. Stringer's leadership, the organization has continued to work for greater justice in all facets of civil rights in Iowa including for those under the supervision of the penal system. While Gov. Reynold's executive order last month restores the right to vote to most imprisoned for felonies, Mr. Middlebrooks and Mr. Stringer will be able to provide a survey of the issues with the penal system.


November 19, 2020 12:00 PM

​This session concludes our series focused on the Leadership Council's group study of the 1619 project. In this session, we will explore the education system and the ways that it disproportionately affects Black students. Although education is supposed to be the great equalizer, Black students face many challenges in the education system from underfunded school districts to disproportionately higher rates of discipline and suspension starting as early as preschool. We are planning to host several guests to discuss these disparities, from Pre-K through post-secondary education.


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