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DMACC is committed to an open, diverse and inclusive learning and working environment that nurtures the growth and development of all. We work to provide an inclusive academic curriculum, promote equity in access and retention, and develop meaningful programs and partnerships with our diverse local communities.​

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By the Numbers

Total Student Enrollment for Credit by Race/Ethnicity: White: 72.9%, Hispanic: 7.88%, African American: 6.29%, Unknown: 5.69%, Asian: 4.56%, Multiple: 2.35% 
Age Ranges of Students Served - Total Students by Age Group (FY 2019). younger than 18: 17,597, 18-22, 11, 085, 23-35 - 5,439, 36-55 - 2,123, 56-72 - 251, 73+ - 4 
Countries Represented - 89 countries and 6 continents 


Ahmed Agyeman 

Ahmed Agyeman, Ph.D.
Director, Community and Global Engagement
Des Moines Area Community College, Ankeny Campus
2006 South Ankeny Blvd., Building 5 Ankeny, IA 50023
Office: 515-964-6271
Cell: 515-360-2541

Holly Clark 

Holly Clark
Community Engagement & Diversity Initiatives Program Coordinator
Des Moines Area Community College, Ankeny Campus
2006 South Ankeny Blvd.
Building 5 Ankeny, IA 50023
Office: 515-289-9561
hmclark4@dmacc.edu ​​

Tina Akinyi 

Tina Akinyi
GEAR UP Coordinator
Areas of Work: GEAR UP students from Des Moines Public and Perry school districts
Cell: 218-252-5689


Alex Cullison 

 Alex Cullison
College Success Coach
Areas of Work: Last-Dollar Scholarship students in Agriculture, Health Science, Manufacturing, and Transportation & Logistics Career Clusters
Cell: 515-564-9951

 Jim Schreitmueller
College Success Coach
Office of Community and Global Engagement
Phone: 515-330-6880