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Summer Scholars Award

One Free 3-Credit Summer Semester Course plus $100 for books will be awarded to six students from the DMACC Campuses and Learning Centers.
Students must be full time as of Spring semester 2017.

Apply Today - Deadline is Thursday, March 30, 2017

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 Diversity Commission

Diversity CommissionDes Moines Area Community College's Diversity Commission

Mission: Diversity awareness is the full recognition and appreciation of human value. Des Moines Area Community College will actively advocate for diversity awareness and ensure the integration of diversity into all aspects of institutional life.

Vision: To create a culture in which all people are valued and supported, and to celebrate the similarities and differences among us. In doing so, we will prepare the DMACC community to live, to learn, and to work together in a global society.

Definition:DMACC's Diversity Commission defines diversity to include race, ethnicity, age, gender, disability, religion, sexual orientation, and differences of thought, perspective, and experience.


  1. Engage students in an open, supportive, and responsive environment.
  2. Use teaching and learning styles and strategies to reflect diversity.
  3. Offer curriculum that reflects a multicultural as well as global society.
  4. Offer diversity education and development opportunities for the community.
  5. Plan activities and special events on our campuses that promote diversity.
  6. Actively recruit staff and students who represent a diverse world.
  7. Establish a district-wide communication system to share information about the function and activities of the Diversity Commission.
  8. Seek partners to advocate diversity in the DMACC region.
  9. Identify and implement best practices in diversity awareness.

Diversity Chair, 2015-2016
Joanne Dudgeon

Congratulations to the 2016 Summer Scholar Winners!

Winners were awarded one 3-credit summer semester course plus $100 for books

  • Cheikh Diallo: Physics, Boone Campus
  • Dmytro Kubrak: Liberal Arts, Ankeny Campus
  • Norma Marin: Telecommunications/Networking, West Campus
  • Nancy Miller: AA-Social Work, Urban Campus
  • Sara Nashed: Liberal Arts/Pharmacy, Urban Campus
  • Alexis Slade: Engineering, Ames Hunziker