Diversity Conference Proposals

Mission: The Diversity Commission seeks to advocate for diversity awareness and ensure the integration of diversity into all aspects of institutional life at DMACC. The Diversity Commission has committed funding for faculty to attend diversity-focused conferences and offers a grant of up to $500.00 per person for professional development fees and travel expenses. Taking time to attend a conference is an expense to the college in a number of ways but the Commission recognizes that professional development opportunities reenergize and refuel individuals to think more broadly in terms of diversity at the College and beyond.

The Commission encourages Deans/Provosts to identify faculty and staff from each campus who might not otherwise be able to participate in training opportunities or full-time employees may self-select to request funding for conferences and professional development opportunities that will further diversity goals at the College.

  1. The funds must be used for professional development and/or conferences that further the mission of DMACC's Diversity Commission.
  2. The funds are intended to encourage those that have NOT been able to attend national trainings in the past two or more years. The Commission intends to extend our reach to those who might benefit from diversity training or normally would not have funds to attend activities that are off-campus or outside of the region.

Requests should include:

  1. Proposed Conference/training agenda
  2. Budget for the training, transportation and lodging costs
  3. Written explanation of the impact this training will have for the participant and how the participant can utilize training to impact students, colleagues or peers, as it relates to one or more of the Diversity Commission Goals:
    • Engage students in an open, supportive, and responsive environment.
    • Use teaching and learning styles and strategies to reflect diversity.
    • Offer curriculum that reflects a multicultural as well as global society.
    • Offer diversity education and development opportunities for the community.
    • Plan activities and special events on our campuses that promote diversity.
    • Actively recruit staff and students who represent a diverse world.
    • Establish a district-wide communication system to share information about the function and activities of the Diversity Commission.
    • Seek partners to advocate diversity in the DMACC region.
    • Identify and implement best practices in diversity awareness.
  4. The submission should be accompanied by an HR professional development request with approval from applicant Department Head and/or VP of Academic Affairs.
    1. All requests must be provided to a member of the Diversity Commission, for approval. The proposal will be reviewed by the Commission, and selected requests will be funded based on their likelihood of having the greatest impact on improving diversity in education and services at the College. Funds are limited and will be issued on a first-come, first served basis. Requests should not exceed $500.00 unless there are extenuating circumstances or the ability to demonstrate that the person attending the training will be impacting a majority of students or faculty at the College. (i.e., attending a "Train-the-Trainer" event). Funds can be combined with personal or departmental funds.