Diversity Curriculum Guidelines

​Procedure for Adding a Course to the Diversity Requirement Course List

  1. A course can be initiated for consideration in either of two ways: (a) A faculty member may submit a proposal to the chair of the Diversity Commission Curriculum Committee or any of its members (who would then pass the proposal to the chair), or (b) the Scheduling Coordinator may recommend to the DCCC that a course should be considered.

  2. Beginning in Fall 2022, for courses to be included on the Diversity Requirement Course List, they must have at least one different sub-competency or main competency that explicitly mentions diversity or a closely related, discipline-specific term for each credit hour that makes up the course. To be counted towards this requirement, sub-competencies must fall under different main course competencies and/or the main course competencies that mention diversity must be different. (For example, a 3-credit course would need to have a total of three sub-competencies or main competencies mentioning diversity in 3 different main competencies for the course.) The purpose of this requirement is to ensure that courses that meet the Diversity Requirement have diversity built into the structure of the entire class, rather than merely a subsection or unit.

  3. Consideration of the proposed courses may be done in a face-to-face meeting of the DCCC, or the submitted materials may be distributed by the chair or designated committee member electronically to the DCCC members with an electronic vote separate for each course being considered. The decision will be determined by a majority of the committee members voting with a quorum of one more than half the committee required.

  4. The recommendation of courses by the DCCC would then be presented by the DCCC chair to the Diversity Commission members for final approval. The course descriptions and rationales should accompany the recommendation. The decision will be determined by a majority of the Commission members voting with a quorum of nine members required.

  5. The result of the vote by the Diversity Commission must be reported by the DCCC chair to the Scheduling Coordinator who would ensure that the approved courses would be added to the list in the next fall catalog.

  6. The faculty who proposed the courses, the DCCC members, and the Diversity Commission members should be informed of the decision of the Diversity Commission by the DCCC chair.

  7. Please contact the Diversity Commission directly with questions about the process for requesting that courses be designated as meeting the Diversity Requirement.​​